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Mrs. K. M. Mathew, Healthy Recipes Hall of Fame
By Dr. Jacob Mathew, Chief Editor/Webmaster, Holisticonline.com

Over the years, Mrs. K. M. Mathew has become a symbol for those womanly skills and graces that have traditionally been held in reverence by Indians in general. We had been fortunate to have known Mrs. Mathew and her family for several decades. To those close to her, she is known as "Annamma Kochamma". She has impressed us with her simplicity, humility, spirituality and knowledge. She indeed is an icon and a fit heroine in a world devoid of heroes or heroines.

Mrs. Mathew has authored over twenty books. Her subjects range from Cookery, Health and Beauty Care and hair styling to Flower Arrangement and Travel. She has published in popular magazines. She is a versatile columnist. She is the Chief Editor of Vanitha, the largest selling women's magazine in India.

Even considered simply as a house wife, Mrs. Mathew emerges as a unique success. As the wife of Mr. K. M. Mathew, Chief Editor of Malayala Manorama and one of the most eminent public figures in Kerala, as the mother and grandmother of her own four children, and as the official hostess of one of the most illustrious families in Kerala, she has proved herself a home maker extraordinary. As for those who have been fortunate enough to savor the delights of the cooking by what Mrs. Lalitha Pai called "this High Priestess of the Culinary arts," (Both founders of holisticonline.com had been so honored many times.) there can be no doubt that she herself practices best what she preaches.

Mrs. K. M. Mathew has earned her place in the "Healthy Recipes Hall of Fame".

"Mrs. K. M. Mathew has raised the status of cooking from a chore to an art. And in so doing has elevated the status of women all around the world," states Dr. Shila Mathew, MD., co-founder of Holisticonline.com. Read the article.

(Portions of this article taken from an article written by Mrs. Lalitha Pai.)

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