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Chapped Skin

Chapped skin has a rough texture which sometimes causes the skin to crack.

Causes of Chapped Skin

Nutritional Therapy for Chapped Skin

Herbal Remedies


Tissue Salts

Common Sense Remedies for Chapped Skin

Causes of Chapped Skin

The skin becomes dry, sore and cracked when the natural oils are depleted and the defense system overburdened.

The causes for chapped skin are:

  • Extended exposure to the elements, especially the wind, cold and sun

  • Repeated contact with soaps, chemicals and water

  • The body's lack of fluids or oils in the form of essential fatty acids.

  • Neglect

  • Not using the additional protection of sun screens and clothing when subjecting the skin to the elements

  • Not using rubber gloves when cleaning, scrubbing or holding the hands in water for extended periods

  • The friction of clothing, often due to harsh detergents present in the fabrics 
    Rough, tight-fitting clothing.

Nutritional Therapy for Chapped Skin

Eat carrots, tomatoes and green, leafy vegetables for vitamin A, which is important for skin growth and repair.

The essential fatty acids, found in unrefined vegetable oils, promote moist skin.
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), found in whole grains, legumes, wheat germ and nutritional yeast, is needed for the synthesis of fats and oils.

Add 1 tbsp. each of water cress, carrot and spinach juice to one glass of tomato juice, 2 tbsp. wheat germ oil and 1 tbsp. of nutritional yeast. Drink this vitamin rich drink in the morning.

Nutritional Supplements

Dry, chapped skin is due to a deficiency in essential fatty acids or vitamins A, B and C. The essential fatty acids in evening primrose oil are very beneficial in keeping the skin healthy and smooth. If the lips are cracked and sore, B vitamins are lacking. Vitamin A is also an essential nutrient for the skin.

Daily dosages:

  • Evening primrose oil, two 500 mg capsules three times daily

  • Vitamin B complex, 50 mg

  • Vitamin A, 25,000 IU (avoid during pregnancy)

  • Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,500 mg

Herbal Remedies

Comfrey cream, applied externally, will assist in new cell growth.

Apply calendula ointment to chapped skin in dry weather..

Apply oils of St. John's wort, olive or mashed avocado after bathing.


The homeopathic approach to skin problems is generally constitutional. Skin problems often take many months to resolve. Take the 6c strength every three to four hours.

  • Use Petroleum for rough, red and cracked skin, especially at the comers of the mouth.

  • Use Silicea for slow-healing cracks on the fingertips that are made worse in the cold weather.

  • Take Sulphur for dry, red and itching skin. It is also useful for cracks in the folds of the skin, especially with a fungal infection. The skin is itchy and aggravated by washing.

Consult an experienced homeopath for recurring or persistent problems.

Tissue Salts

Take 4 tablets three times daily under the tongue, until the condition is relieved.

Calc fluor - When the hands are dry, chapped and cracked, particularly from exposure to cold. Also for cracks in the palms of the hands or calluses anywhere.

Nat mur - if the skin is excessively dry

Common Sense Remedies for Chapped Skin

  • In winter, use a humidifier or place bowls of water near the heater to counteract the moisture loss created by central heating.

  • A healthy diet is essential for healthy skin. Vitamin C is required for collagen production; beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A, a substance essential for maintaining skin tissue; vitamin E is vital for skin condition; and vitamin B helps repair the skin.

  • Evening primrose oil supplements are beneficial for skin. They contain gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid reputed to strengthen skin cells and boost their moisture content.

  • Get sufficient sleep as the skin's cellular repair activity is at its optimum during this resting phase.

  • Exercise benefits skin as it boosts circulation and encourages blood flow. Regular exercise will nourish and cleanse your skin from within.

  • Dry brush skin in the mornings to stimulate circulation and the sebaceous glands.

  • Every day at bedtime take the white of an egg, mix in one ground almond and apply on the face. When the skin feels dry, wash off with water and apply home- made nourishing cream.

  • Avoid the use of soap completely, because soap dissolves the fats from the skin and takes them away from the surface. Instead clean your skin with gram flour made into a paste with milk cream.

  • Moderate sun exposure in the early morning and late afternoon is healthy for the skin, and activates the production of vitamin D in the body which, in turn, will promote healthy skin.

  • Half an hour before you take your bath, massage yourself either with warm olive, mustard or coconut oil. After bathing blot yourself dry; do not rub vigorously with a bath towel.

  • Apply home-made cold cream every night before retiring. It is a good idea either to use cold or nourishing cream every night after crossing the age of 25 if you want to cherish the youthful loveliness of a flawless complexion.

  • Do not wear wool or other rough clothing next to your skin because they will aggravate itching and scaling.

  • Take a Saline Bath

    If you have developed scales the best remedy is to take a saline bath. 
    Add six pounds of sodium chloride (table salt or rock salt) to 25 gallons of warm water in a tub. Soak in this water for about 15 to 20 minutes twice daily. Blot dry, then massage gently either with almond or olive oil.

    This simple treatment often brings about a great reduction in chapping and scaling. At the same time it gives considerable relief from itching. Take this treatment only if you are in excellent physical health.

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