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Cleaning the Skin

Cleaning the skin is important as it removes the dead cells from the surface of the skin. It also will remove the dust and dirt that chokes the pores on the skin. If the dust is allowed to accumulate, it can block the pores thus blocking the secretion of the glands from coming to the top of the skin providing it the weapons it need to fight against infections, toxic agents etc. It also gives the shine or glow to the surface of the skin.

Soap and Natural Cleaners

Skin experts recommend avoiding soap because of its high pH. A high pH (alkaline) soap will dry the skin and diminish its life expectancy. The skin's surface is mildly acidic, having a pH of around 5. Most soaps are well over 7, and some as high as 10. Soaps with a high pH will not only dry the skin but also eliminate its acid mantle (coating on the surface).

You can make good skin cleansers from natural products. For example, products that contain vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, and water, combine with sebum and allow it to be dissolved and rinsed away. At the same time, water dissolves dirt.

Effective skin cleansers can contain a number of different vegetable oils, including coconut, sesame, or palm oils. These are safe and effective cleansers and have a relatively low pH. Stearic acid provides the skin a pearly firmness. 
Another organic products that is increasingly useful in skin care is seaweed. The high mineral content of seaweed stimulates circulation, helps eliminate toxins imbedded in the skin, and leaves the skin feeling smooth. Seaweeds can also strengthen the immunity and healing functions of the skin by providing the needed minerals.

Facial Scrubs

Facial scrubs help clean the surface of the skin by removing the dead skins and the dirt mechanically. We recommend that you use a facial scrub that contains a mild abrasive. The coarseness of these abrasives vary. For example, it may contain very fine, mild base of oatmeal or ground-up almonds. Some products may contain, however, coarser materials such as silica or fine sand or the shells of almonds, apricots, or walnuts.

Since women spend considerable more amount of money and time on makeups and skin care, we would expect that their skin will be smoother and blemish free compared to that of men. However, studies have found exactly the opposite. These studies have found that men have fewer blemishes and smoother skin than women on the face. Experts suggest that men are exfoliating their faces every day by shaving. The razor removes the top layer of dead cells every day. This allows the skin to breathe and eliminate waste much easier. This may explain why men's facial skin is much more smoother than women's. Women can accomplish the same by using a mild abrasive scrub on their faces, every other day.

European women have been using exfoliants for decades. People in India and the orient had been using natural exfoliants to clean their skin.

The Right Way To Wash Your Face

1. Moisten your face with water. Work up a lather by rubbing the soap between wet palms. Using your fingertips (not the bar of soap), massage the lather into your face and throat.

2. Rinse thoroughly with a washcloth or with splashes of water. Take three times as much time for rinsing as compared to what you took for lathering. The important thing is that you remove all of the soap so any caustic it contains won't burn your face.

3. Blot dry with a soft towel; vigorous rubbing with coarse material aggravates and tugs at your skin.

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