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Skin - Introduction

The skin is the largest and one of the most intriguing organs of the body, accounting for 16 per cent of body weight. 

The skin is continually repairing and renewing itself. When you are young, the main skin complaints are greasy skin and acne. But as you grow older, the skin gets dry and the challenge is to counteract the dryness of the skin. However, you can have beautiful skin no matter what your age, race or color. The secret is to understand how your skin functions, and to take care of it properly. 

The Skin is composed of cells, sweat pores, and sebaceous glands. The surface layer of the skin is covered with a thin sheath of dead cells. These are continually being pushed up to the surface from below. If the dead cells are not removed, they can reduce and even block the skin's effort to breathe and eliminate waste. 

For most of us, when we refer to skin care, we mean caring for the face. It is true that face, more than any other, needs care and attention. The face is constantly exposed to the elements, even in severe winter when the rest of the body is well wrapped. Hence, the face is one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging.

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