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Welcome To The Meditation Infocenter in HolisticOnline.com!

Meditation is one of the proven alternative therapies. It can be broadly classified under the mind-body medicine.

More and more doctors are prescribing meditation as a way to lower blood pressure, improve exercise performance in people with angina, help people with asthma breathe easier, relieve insomnia and generally relax the everyday stresses of life. Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. It is simple; but can benefit everybody.

The use of Meditation for healing is not new. Meditative techniques are the product of diverse cultures and peoples around the world. It has been rooted in the traditions of the world's great religions. In fact, practically all religious groups practice meditation in one form or another. The value of Meditation to alleviate suffering and promote healing has been known and practiced for thousands of years.

It has been scientifically shown that meditation works. We, at HolisticOnline, take great pride in providing this in-depth treatment of Meditation. As always, we invite your comments. Or, perhaps, you may have information you want to share with the fellow readers. Please email your response.



What Is Meditation?

Types of Meditation - Classification

How Meditation Works

Healing Power of Meditation

Benefits Of Meditation

Neurophysiology of Meditation

Health Conditions That Are Benefited By Meditation

Psychological Benefits

Handling Repressed Memories and Enjoying Life


Panic attacks

Spiritual Benefits

Diagnosis, Prescription, Warnings and Precautions

Meditation Techniques

Four Elements Basic To Traditional Meditation

A quiet place

A comfortable or poised posture

An object to dwell upon

A passive attitude or poised awareness

Simple Meditation

Walking Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Mindfulness (Vipassana)

Journey Meditation

Vibrational Meditation

Movement Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

The Instant Calming Sequence

Five Meditation Steps

Taoist Meditation Methods

Lovingkindness meditation

Breath And Navel Meditation

Master Han's Central Channel Meditation

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Human Anatomy From The Taoist Perspective

Tonglen - A Buddhist Prayer/Meditation

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Guest Articles:

One Minute Meditations for a Happier Life
Meditation using mindfulness is the most practical way to meditate. In the simple act of training ourselves to become more aware by slowing down our sense of time passing, we can learn to monitor our moods and thoughts before they spiral downward.

The Tao of Breathing
One of the impressions I have gained recently in speaking to Zen friends about practice is a certain attitude towards breathing in zazen. For the sake of brevity, and just for fun, I wish to refer to it as "samurai breathing". I think it has its origins in the martial arts.

Quelling the Tsunami's wake: Meditation and Chant
The meditation and chant described here will help all of those ready to pass into the higher realms of light to move to their own next level of consciousness. It will also help guide those people who have not found help, who have not contacted their loved ones or who are in states of confusion, to find their way back to their hearts, health and homes.

Balance: Are you moving towards or away from it?
The Chinese word for ‘busy’ consists of two symbols: one is the human heart - the other, death. I take this to mean that when one is excessively busy, the heart is insensible, frozen. In a world where busyness is held up almost as a virtue, especially in business, I’d like to take a look at coming back into balance.

A Nature Meditation
Meditation is the sinking dance into our sea of consciousness, releasing the submerged stresses and coming to the point of inner stillness where there is no object of consciousness - but consciousness itself. Done regularly, this inward dance leaves us fresh, more alert, relaxed, creative, healthy, and more in tune with ourselves and our environment.

Keeping Our Energy High and Harmonious
The quantity and quality of our energy flow deeply affect our emotions, thoughts and reactions. The quality of our relationships, productivity, creativity and health all depend upon creating a high level of harmoniously flowing energy. The following techniques and ways of life will aid us in building a freer and more positive energy flow.

The Easy Chair method for Prayer and Meditation
If done on a regular basis, the inevitable result or prayer and meditation is a new thought or feeling that helps you improve your life. At the very least, it is a simple relaxation technique that opens your mind to new and better solutions. Multiply these results times 7 days a week, 12 months a year and you can see how daily prayer meditation works. 

Zen and the Art of Looking at Brick Walls
If you were to look at a brick wall in a dingy tenement, if you wanted, you could create a different experience of it by realizing that that brick wall, shares the same light, air, warmth, cold as everything else in the physical universe.

Experience The Fruit of Gayatri Meditation
The Gayatri Mantra is a treasure and heritage that belongs to the whole of humanity without exclusion. Gayatri mantra is meant for realization of god and is regarded as representing the Supreme Lord. It is meant for spiritually advanced people. Success in chanting it enables one to enter the transcendental position of the Lord.

God is Our Refuge --- Psalm 46 - A Meditation
Remember a time in your life when you felt really bad. You were scared, depressed, and hopeless. You felt like you had nobody to help you. Today we are going to read a poem about such a situation.

Meditation - Staying Awake
Are you falling asleep while meditating? Learn a few simple tricks to avoid this common problem.

Contemplation will yield you a passion for the truth, a zest for life. You will be more serious about meditation and spiritual practices. You will find that you have a direction in your life instead of drifting aimlessly.

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