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 Nutrition  Holisticonline.com

Nutrition Infocenter

Welcome to Nutrition and Wellness Infocenter in HolisticOnLine!

New In Holisticonline.com
Dieting/Weight Control Infocenter

If you have trouble losing weight or maintaining weight and are frustrated by yo-yo dieting, visit our new infocenter for you. Learn about an integrated approach to weight management that incorporates mind, body, and soul. WOW!!

Basic Concepts of Nutrition

Basic concepts of nutrition

The Four Basic Nutrients (Water, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats)

The Micronutrients: (Vitamins and Minerals)

Guide To Nutrition

Basic Nutrition Guide

Foods with The Highest And The Least Nutrition Content

Mediterranean and Eskimo Diet

High Quality Vitamins and Supplements

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Maintaining Good Health

Be Sure to Visit Healthy Recipes Section for Tons of Recipes from Around the World.

Nutrition/Diet Therapy for Diseases/Conditions

Diet / Nutrition for Conditions/Diseases

Vitamins and Supplements Knowledgebases
(Nutrition Analysis of Food)

Vitamin and Minerals Knowledgebase

How to design a good menu? Here is the data professionals use: Nutritive Analysis of Common Foods

Differences Among Foods: Nutritive Analysis of Common Foods - Values per 100 Grams of the food - For comparison of foods

What is Served in The Fast Food Restaurants? Nutritive Analysis of Menus from popular fast-food restaurants in the USA.

Guest Articles

The Dish on Corned Beef and Cabbage
Corned beef and cabbage is traditionally served across America on St. Patrick's Day. In moderation meat may actually have some health benefits, although a significant amount of evidence seems to support a vegetarian diet.

The Truth About Coconut Oil
Most smart nutritionists never thought coconut was unhealthy. After all, people in many parts of the world have been consuming coconuts for many years, sometimes in large amounts, with no apparent adverse effects. Coconuts and coconut oil are healthy additions to one's diet.

Fats: For Your Health
Many people are confused about fats. They think all fats are bad and unhealthy. However, some fats are necessary for optimum health. In this article, Monique Gilbert describes the different types of fats and their function in optimum health.

Get Fabulously Fit with Fiber
Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet. Yet many people are not getting enough. In the article, "Get Fabulously Fit With Fiber," Monique discusses the importance of fiber. The article also includes a list of sources for dietary fiber, and a non-dairy Hummus recipe.
10 Easy Ways to Kick-Start a New Healthy Eating Lifestyle
There is a huge amount of sometimes conflicting, often confusing, nutrition and diet information available. Therefore, it's very understandable when people become discouraged about selecting an eating plan for themselves. Even scientific studies often contradict each other. How can we figure out how best to eat for overall health or weight loss?
5 Healthy Dinners That Will Satisfy Your 'Meat and Potatoes' Man
Healthy doesn't have to mean not tasty. Here are some tips for tasty meals.
10 Guilt-Free Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Many of us work very hard to eat healthy meals, but struggle with the urge for candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream and anything else full of sugar and sweetness! If you're trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, this can be a problem.
Beyond the Casserole: Quick, Healthy and Tasty Tuna Recipes
The tuna casserole has been a favorite dinnertime standby for many years. And for good reason - canned tuna is cheap, easy to store, nutritious, quick to prepare, and appeals to kids and adults alike. As good as a tuna casserole can be, when served too often - eyes can begin to roll! Here are several ideas for using our favorite fish in new dishes.
Does Excess Protein Turn to Fat? An Anatomy Lesson
Everyone knows that overeating leads to excess weight. This concept comes in many flavors these days, though. Some people think that carbohydrates are the culprit. Others think it's sugar. Some people think that eating lots of protein couldn't possibly make them gain weight.
Easy Snack Ideas for a Healthy Diet
Most experts agree that snacking is a part of a balanced and healthy diet, as long as the snacks don't pile on empty calories. Like any other part of your diet, it's important to put some thought into what kind of snacks to have on hand; otherwise it's all too easy to pick something high-calorie, high-fat, or high-sugar.
Creative Cooking and Shopping Techniques for the Busy Mom
I'm a person who dislikes wasting time and thrives on finding ways to increase efficiency. I found ways to simple dinner preparation so that it became nearly painless!
Eating Well When You Eat Out
Most people who are trying to eat nutritiously and maintain or lose weight will tell you one of the hardest times to be 'good' is when you eat out at restaurants. It's true - restaurants and fast food joints don't usually cater to health-conscious consumers. Here are some tips for making the most of these 'dangerous' mealtimes!
How Your Grill Can Help Your Diet
Summer is a great time to break out the barbecue grill and lighten up your diet! Grilling season doesn't have to only mean hamburgers, bratwurst, and steaks. There are many great choices for the grill that will keep you in great shape for all those fun summer activities.
Identify Your Weaknesses: 21 Common Weight Loss Barriers
People have free will, as we all know, and that means that tough issues like weight loss can become very confusing. Thousands of books and videos on the subject give more advice than we could ever handle, but the real tools you need are inside of you.
Will Your Plan Lead To Permanent Weight Loss? How To Tell
After extensive research on how the body regulates weight and studying individuals who had succeeded in attaining long-term weigh loss, I concluded that there are four characteristics that a plan must have to result in long-term weight loss.
Plan Ahead for Healthy Road Trip Snacks and Meals
Taking a long car trip can wreak havoc on your diet. If you don't plan ahead, it's very likely you will spend a day living on fast food, candy bars, bags of chips and soda. However, there are several smart choices that travel well and will keep you feeling good on your journey.
Ten Things You Can Do To Make Any Meal Healthier
When your best efforts go awry, and you order pizza or serve another meal that doesn't exactly fit into a healthy diet, you still have many options for making it healthier.
Tips for Including More Delicious Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet
Just about everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are a very important part of a healthy diet. Even though we know this to be true, many of us still find it hard to include the recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit per day in our diets. Once you learn a few easy tricks, soon you'll have no trouble eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.
Top 10 Food Items to Keep on Hand to Add Flavor and Nutrition to Boring Meals
Having a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator can be a busy cook's best weapon in the war against resorting to fast-food, high-fat, unhealthy meals. If you know what to keep on hand, you can easily whip up quick, nutritious meals that the whole family will love!
Weeknight Meal Help
Does it seem like you never have the time to serve healthy meals during the week? Do you rely on takeout, the pizza delivery man, macaroni and cheese? If you learn just a few new techniques and tips, you can be on the road to easily planning and preparing healthy meals for your family with very little effort and time.
Are Weight Loss Supplements Worth It?
What do you think of the hundreds of weight loss supplements out there on the shelves today? Are they worth the money? Will they actually help you lose weight? How do you know which ones are going to work for you? Is there any proof that these products work?
You Are What You Eat
Our general state of health is partially driven by the types of foods we consume.
Is Nutrition The Missing Link to Your Child's Well-Being?
I heard example after example of young people becoming more focused and better students after integrating high quality nutrition into their daily routine. I then went back to my school and noticed a few things.
Fresh Oil for Good Health
Fresh oil is one of the most beneficial foods for your health. Fresh oil is a source of essential fatty acids, which help keep the skin healthy and the hair shiny. The human brain is almost entirely composed of unsaturated fatty acids. Fats add taste to meals and give one a feeling of fullness when eaten.
Organic Foods - FAQ
The questions you wanted to ask about organic food and the answers.

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