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Three Ways to Develop Our Faith in Christ
By Stanley T. Crawford

We can develop our faith in Christ by hearing the word, studying the word, and praying for understanding of the word of God.

First, let us start with hearing God's word, we can go to church, listen to the radio, listen to television, surf the web, and read the Bible. All of these methods allow us to hear God's word. Romans 10:17 clearly states that hearing God's word can bring faith.

Second, studying God's word is a way for us to develop our faith in Jesus Christ. His word is true, and when we read and study the word we plant the seeds to develop our faith and a relationship with God. God's word has always existed as part of God's being, refer to John 1:1. If we have already accepted Christ, then studying God's word provides us with nourishment to further grow.

Our faith and relationship with God should grow as we learn more about God. It will grow if we truly want to know God. I use both of these statements because; we can learn about something for a purely informational purpose without wanting that something to have an impact on our life. That type of learning will not necessarily allow us to develop our personal relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ. On the other hand, if the goal of our learning is to truly know Christ, faith will develop. The timeframe of course is unique to each individual and Christ.

Third, prayer is a way to communicate with God, and to further develop our faith and a relationship with Him. We can use prayer to ask, to give thanks, or to merely talk to Christ about whatever is on our mind. As we read God's word and study God's wordówe should pray to God for clear understanding. Also, we should ask God to show us where in our lives to apply what we learn and understand.

In conclusion, hearing God's word, studying God's word, and praying on God's word; each of these together or individually can, or will help us develop our faith in God through his Son, Jesus Christ. No matter where we are in our walk with Christ we all can improve in one of the three areas that can help us to develop our faith. From time to time, each of us should look at our lives and ask, "How can I improve in my hearing, in my studying, and in my praying?"

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Copyright 2004, Stanley T. Crawford, is the editor of, People of the Bible, newsletter and webmaster of http://www.peopleofthebible.com. All Rights Reserved.

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