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God's Love

By Mrs. Sabu George

What is love? Love is a relationship which has got many dimensions and happens to be the strongest chord between two people. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 gives us the definition of love. If this is the definition of love I believe God is the only one who loves like this. True love is undoubtedly the noblest thing in earth because it is a reflection of God Himself. Men love………but GOD IS LOVE. Love is His very nature and essence. Deep down in the hearts of all men is a hunger for God. This longing itself is a proof that God loves us.

An Atheist once wrote upon a child’s slate the words GOD IS NOWHERE, but the innocence of the child triumphing over the unbelief read it as GOD IS NOW HERE. How true it is……….He is Omnipresent.

I remember a true story which I read from an article written by the famous Pediatrician and cancer specialist, Dr. James Brown. Dr. Brown had a patient called Bobby who was only 4 years old. He was suffering from Leukemia. The painful chemotherapy was over. After one year of treatment, Dr. wanted to give him another injection which is more painful than chemotherapy and also more time consuming. Dr. explained to Bobby about the injection and requested him to co-operate with the medical staff. Bobby agreed to this on one condition that he will say Psalms 23 loudly while the injection is in process. Dr. agreed to this. Injection started and little Bobby started saying Psalms 23 loudly. He has neither cried of pain nor shook his body. When the injection was over he said the injection was not painful at all. He had strong faith in God’s love and care.

When we are helpless, God is there to give us strength. Don’t you feel God’s love is miraculous? Psalms 91:15 say “I will rescue them from all troubles and will reward them with long life”

I believe He loves children more because St. Mathew 18:1-2 illustrates that the apostles had an argument among themselves that who is the greatest among them. Jesus knew this and He wanted to say who is the greatest. He showed one child and said, if you are not becoming like these children you will not enter into the Kingdom of God. The greatest person in the Kingdom is the one who is like a child who do not worry about being greater or important than others are. From this we can understand that He expects elders to be like children. The innocence, strong faith, forgiving nature, endless hope, true love etc. may be the qualities He has seen in children. It is always so nice to remember Jesus in our thoughts and deeds because His presence in our heart sends a feeling of comfort to us.

God’s infinite love is seen in this that a sinner is not abandoned, instead he loves the sinner. He hates sin but He loves sinners. He has proved His love in so many ways, but mainly in this as it is given in John 3:16, which I feel is the most valuable sentence in the Holy Bible. “He has sent His only begotten Son into the world to save sinners”. Jesus Christ as the embodiment of the Divine Love laid aside His glory and finally gave His life for us.

The greatest power in the world is not the Hydrogen bomb, but it is the redeeming love of God. The Hydrogen bomb may destroy the whole world but only the redeeming love of God can make it anew. St. John 15:12 says” Love one another as I love you which clearly shows He loves us and above all He is the only one who loves us unconditionally. His promise is that “whoever comes to me, I will not cast them out”. I am sure we all like to go to a person who loves us unconditionally or to a person who will be with us in our Happiness and sorrows or to a person whom we can trust. So let us cast all our worries and sorrows to Him and enjoy His love.

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