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Why Do We Pray?

by: Michael Heindel

One of the most confusing aspects of Christianity to believers and non-believers alike is the issue of prayer. It can seem like an almost mundane ritual. After all, when you pray you are just telling things to an omniscient being who knows what you will pray about before you do. So what is the point of praying if God already knows all of these things that you are telling him? Why pray at all? This is a question that has been tackled by many theologians. They have come up with quite a few answers, each of which is just as valid as the next.

Firstly, we pray for the mere fact that God commands us to pray. In Philippians 4:6-7, it is stated ďÖin everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.Ē Many Biblical characters were given orders they didnít fully understand or comprehend. Noah built the ark with no idea of what it would be for. So when God commands us to pray, we donít necessarily even need a reason to do so.

We should also pray because it allows us to connect with God on a spiritual level and understand his solutions for spiritual matters. If you have a major decision to make, a friend who needs uplifted, or courage to spread Godís word, the solution can usually be found through prayer. God speaks indirectly, and when you quiet your heart before him you will be more likely to hear his voice.

Prayer also gives us an opportunity to work in areas that we would be otherwise helpless in. If you have a co-worker you just canít reach, or any other problem which seems impossible, prayer can be the one thing you fall back on. And it isnít just a back-up. For anything in your life, prayer is the most powerful way to understand what the will of God is.

In 1st John 5:14-15, God states that whenever we ask for something that coincides with his will, we will receive it. Some perceive this as giving permission for God to go ahead and go along with his will. Rather, it is a form of your own acceptance and submission to Godís will. By making Godís will a part of your personal request, you are showing your faith.

Prayer might just be Godís greatest gift to us apart from the fact that we are alive. Having a personal and direct communication straight to our maker is a powerful thing to think about. While it may not feel like anyone is listening or that your prayers are useless, just show perseverance in your communication with the Lord.

Don't forget to listen. Prayer is a conversation. Allow God to speak to you.

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Michael Heindel is the owner of http://PrayerRequestBox.com  a growing prayer request website. 

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