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Many Gods. Conflicting Theories. Who is Right?
By Michael Skowronski

How can anyone tell you who God is? How can a church, a religion, or any teacher tell you who or what God is? They can not!. Have they seen him? Have they talked to her? Of course not! Not in the physical sense that so many seem to think that God is in.

Our language is not rich enough to put into words the incredible unlimited nature of God. The only thing anyone can do is describe to you how they have come to know and experience God. And even then the fullness and intensity of their experience will be lost in their words.

If you have been reading the various spiritual books on the topic of God and spirituality you may have noticed many inconsistencies or contradictions amongst authors. This includes all books; "The Bible" as well as the huge volume of modern books available to us.

You may have read some books that have been channelled and thought, “Because some spiritual entity is teaching through this author or speaker it must be true.” Then you read another author and find contradictions. How can they both be right?

Please keep in mind that the spiritual truth is given but the channeller (or author) may have blocks, judgements or set ideas about certain topics. These will interfere with accurate channellings. The truth is so much bigger than can be put into words; much of it gets lost as it is condensed down into the limited constructs that we use to communicate with.

You must consider the perspective that the communication is coming from and of the issue being addressed. It would be like a being from another planet trying to describe planet earth from his space ship orbiting the earth or while standing in the desert. The description may be accurate from those perspectives, yet there are many other descriptions that could be given from many other perspectives that are also accurate. How much different would the description be if this being were standing on the ocean floor?

God is everywhere and everything; there is nowhere that God is not. There is nothing outside of God, not even you and I. We exist inside of God; indeed we are a part of God, an inseparable part. However, we are at the leading creative edge of God. We are expanding the Universe, we are expanding God, with each and every thought we think and with each new experience we have.

God is not some being that can somehow be perceived standing in some specific spot in creation. God is every single particle of all of creation in each and every dimension. God is the “All That Is.” To describe God is to compare God to something else and that something else is God too! Can you see how difficult it is try to explain God? You must experience God for yourself!

We do have many life times. I am absolutely convinced of this. Some people find this difficult to believe. Why? Is it anymore amazing than we exist at all?

I went through a five-year period in my life where I suffered with extremely painful back pains every single night. I tried doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists; I tried more than one of each and found no relief. One day I did a past life regression on myself. That night, no more back pain! And I have not had them since. This was an instant healing!

You can read this amazing story in my ebook “You Can Walk on Water Too!” You will also find the story of how my late wife Susan Price healed a twenty-five year loss of smell and a severe skin condition that lasted ten-years… it prevented her from putting her hands in water! All three of these stories were miraculous healings that occurred as a result of becoming aware and changing our thinking! I also expand more on the conclusions my spiritual journey has brought me to in this ebook.

Your Personal Spiritual Discoveries

I don’t want to convince you of what you should believe about God or spirituality. However, I do want to convince you to reach for your own experience and understanding. I know that when you do get in touch with the vast spiritual being that you are, you will have experiences that will seem miraculous.

The truth is that these miracles are natural. When you shed the false ideas you have been taught all your life and discover for yourself the true nature of your being you will realize that true spirituality is practical, very practical!

You will discover that by using true spiritual principals you can make every action you take count. This beats the widely popular, yet false belief, that working hard and suffering in the hopes of some future gain is a worthy and noble way to live. When you clarify your awareness you may still find yourself working long hours, but they will be inspired hours that fly by. Those hours will infuse you with life force energy and heal any suffering you may have had in your life.

Michael Skowronski is a spiritually oriented Life Coach and Counselor. He offers the free “Walk On Water” ezine and sells the “Facts of Life” ecourse from his http://gr8wisdom.com website. Michael also offers Teleclasses and an Apprenticeship Group.

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