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Three Keys to Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

(FeatureSource) When life sweeps through with the force of a F4 tornado, finding peace often seems impossible.

Take heart. It’s not only possible; it’s actually only three steps away.

Business owner, husband and father of four, Raul Luciani gained great insight into the keys to peace when a tragic car accident plunged him and his family into a whirlwind of pain, debt and serious soul searching.

Following the accident, doctors said Luciani might never walk again. His wife was completely paralyzed from the waist down. Medical bills totaled more than $300,000. Physical therapy bills alone amounted to almost $30,000 and the insurance company refused payment.

“I was so worried – who would take care of my kids? How would my wife get around? How would we ever get out of debt?” Luciani said in his book, “I Recognized His Voice” (Lifevest Publishing, $9.99, at www.lifevestpublishing.com).

In desperation, Raul Luciani turned to his faith in God.

He began to pray. It was during prayer that Luciani discovered the great sense of peace that God provides to those who seek him.

“I realized that everything would be okay. It would all work out. God was with us.”

“I also realized, although God is more than willing to grant us peace in the midst of life’s storms, there are three things we need to do in order to tap into that peace,” says Luciani.

At www.lifevestpublishing.com (click on “I Recognized His Voice”) Luciani offers the free special report, “3 Pieces of Spiritual Baggage to Toss Immediately.”

Here, he shares the three key elements of finding peace in the middle of a crisis.

bulletPRAY FOR PEACE -- Ask God for His help. Ask for Him to grant peace in the middle of the storm. Pray whenever and wherever – on the balcony, in the car, at home or at work. God delights in blessing those who delight in Him and desires a relationship with all people. This relationship is open to all who ask. Ask now!
bulletSEEK HIM IN EVERYTHING YOU DO! – Actively pursue a deeper knowledge of God. Take steps to develop a deeper relationship with God. Spending time in prayer, worship or Bible study can help.
bulletDON’T GIVE UP – Have faith. Keep praying. Keep seeking. Just because things don’t change instantly doesn’t mean God is not at work. “God’s timing is always perfect,” says Luciani.

Luciani speaks those words with conviction and authority. He is firmly convinced that God does not disappoint those who seek His peace.

Although completely overwhelmed by the circumstances resulting from their accident, Luciani and his wife persistently continued to pray for God’s peace, to seek His will for their lives. Amazingly, Luciani recovered completely. His wife regained partial use of her legs, and the hospital actually cancelled their mountain of debt.

Today, Raul Luciani runs a highly profitable business and enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He took time to write “I Recognized His Voice” because he wanted others to be able to share in the peace he has discovered in God.

“While we live in this world, we will always encounter crisis and be weighted down by cares. But if we seek God and maintain an attitude of worship, God will always be by our side and guide our steps.”

These steps will lead to a calm oasis of peace in the middle of life’s most turbulent storms.

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Visit www.lifevestpublishing.com and click on “I Recognized His Voice” to get a copy of Raul Luciani’s book, “I Recognized His Voice.” Discover, in detail, how God brought peace and prosperity to the life of one who seeks Him.

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