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Gift of Life

A Compilation of Inspirational Stories and Anecdotes

20. My Son Doesn’t Listen To Me….. (Seek to understand first, then to be understood.)

A person once expressed his concern to his consultant, " I can’t understand my kid. He just won’t listen to me at all.".

"You mean, you don’t understand your son because he won’t listen to you?" asked his consultant.

"That ‘s right," he replied.

She again said, "You don’t understand your son because he won’t listen to you? Am I rightly understanding you?"

"That ‘s what I said," he impatiently replied.

"I thought that to understand another person, YOU needed to listen to him," She pointed out!

"Oh!" he said.

There was a long silence after that as he resigned into deep thoughts. He seemed confused and muttered, "But I understand him so much…I know exactly what situation he is passing through today… Even I underwent a similar situation in my life…But I don’t understand why he doesn’t listen to me…"

A week later, he met the consultant again, who helped him to realize that what he saw through his head was only his own world. It didn’t include his son’s! And for understanding his son, he had only one option-to listen to his son first rather than expecting his son to listen to him.

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Gift of Life is a compilation of stories, anecdotes and articles by Raju Baby Thaluvachira, India

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