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Gift of Life

A Compilation of Inspirational Stories and Anecdotes

7. Save Money Or Save Children? (You are what you do.)

One day a lady took her two kinds to see a movie. Walking up to the ticket counter she asked, " How much does the ticket cost?"

The booking clerk replied, "Rs. 50 for you and for children above five years. Children under five years are allowed inside free of cost. What is the age of your children?"

She replied "One is three years old and other one is six years old. So, I need two tickets, - here are hundred rupees."

The booking clerk replied, "Have you won a lottery or what? Instead of saving fifty rupees, why are you throwing them away? If you would have told me that your child is five years old who would have known?"

My friend replied, "Nobody else would have known, but my children would have surely known that I am lying. I donít want to teach them to lie."

(As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Who you are speaks so loudly, I donít hear what youíre saying. In challenging times when ethics are more important than ever before, make sure you set a good example for everyone you work and live with."

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Gift of Life is a compilation of stories, anecdotes and articles by Raju Baby Thaluvachira, India

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