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Great Reading: Inspirational

A collection of informative, inspiring, useful, humorous or thought-provoking material for your reading pleasure. Visit us often to peruse new additions.

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Great, Interesting, Informational, and Inspirational Prose

When God Created Fathers
An amusing and inspirational story about fathers.

Father's Day: A Tribute
Today is Father's Day. A day of cologne. A day of hugs, new neckties, long-distance phone calls, and Hallmark cards.

I'll Always be There for You!
An inspirational story about a father and son.

Bill Cosby's Fifty Cents
The king of comedy looks at fatherhood.

History of Father's Day
The idea for creating a day for children to honor their fathers began in Spokane, Washington.

Smelling the Roses: Better Living Through Savoring
Researchers in Positive Psychology find that people actually get more done if they take time out to SAVOR their day.

A Random Moment
A grieving mother recollects her son who has left her with a rich legacy of beautiful thoughts.

Then my living shall not be in vain
If I can help somebody as I pass along. If I can cheer somebody with words or song. If I can show somebody that he's traveling wrong. Then my living shall not be in vain.

A Tribute To Rose
Lovely Rose at 87. A wonderful woman who taught by example that it's never too late to be all you can possibly be.

One liners .. Most of which are really true

More One liners

Incredible Product Labels


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Now That's God
I am writing this in honor the memory of my beautiful Billy, who was taken from me much too soon... But not before showing me the true face of God, in a little, sunburned body.

Valentine’s Day for the Romantically Challenged
So you can’t sing like Dean Martin. You don’t dance like Fred Astaire. There’s still hope this Valentine’s Day. Sweep your sweetie off her feet with these Valentine’s Day ideas.

10 Tempting Facts About Kissing
You knew kissing was fun, but did you know it could actually help you live longer and improve the intimacy of your relationship?

Tips to Keep Your Romance Sparkling
Spark up your love life with these quick tips.

How to Pick a Name That You and Your Baby Will Like
What’s in a name? Everything! Naming your baby is a huge task, and parents-to-be can use expert advice. Baby name guru Bruce Lansky offers advice on how to find the perfect name for your baby.

A Name is Forever
Naming a child is one of the first and most important decisions a parent will make. The birth name will stay with a child throughout his or her life unless, of course, the child feels compelled to change it in adulthood.

Celebrities' Babies' Names
My advice to parents. Pick a name that will give your child a head start in life - a name your child will feel good about that will make a positive impression on others.

Pick a Winning Name for a Girl
It isn't easy finding a name for your baby daughter if your vision for her is that she will go to college and possibly graduate school, find a career as a professional or in management and eventually attract a quality mate.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry Seems to Be Named Michael
I studied the results of a large-sample survey that was conducted to discover what people think of more than 1,500 common names. I noticed an interesting pattern.

Why is Nature Angry? And Other Unanswerable Questions
First hurricanes, then the tsunami. The swell of emotion is insurmountable. Thoughts of tragedy and images of loss in everyone’s minds and on their lips. Moreover, these feelings and phases of denial-anger-regret have been, as of late, far too prevalent.

Are You Living Life to the Fullest?
Many people are worried about dying. Their worry can keep them from fully enjoying life in the present. But for other people, the knowledge that they will die someday actually motivates them to live more fully!

Stray Thoughts On Gerontology
Managing old age is a social as well as personal problem. Societies have to find ways of caring for the aged. Each individual must prepare to live through the evening of one's life. And lastly one must also prepare for the final sunset.

Take Care of Yourself and Be Your Own Expert
We give up paying attention to the practical needs of our body, mind and spirit because we think it’s all too difficult and complicated. And in some ways it is, because that’s the way it’s presented to us.

Environment, Pornography And Health Care Access Climb To Top Of Catholic Investor Issues List In 2004
No Movement Seen on Stem Cell Research and Abortion Issues; Media Violence Breaks Into the Top 10 List, While Sweatshops Slip.

Caesar, Jesus Christ and Christmas?
With so many people focusing most of their attention on buying and selling, and the giving and receiving of gifts, materialism seemed destined to displace the original Christian “reason for the season.”

Christmas is Coming!
Learn to find your own holiday spirit.

A Simple Approach To The Season
Christmas is just a few weeks away. So often what is meant to be a celebration of hope and promise becomes one of frantic preparation and frazzled nerves. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Let the Holidays Be
Though the holiday season is supposed to be a time of celebration and love, it often brings with it stress and anxiety beyond what we experience during the other ten months of the year.

Beat Xmas Stress
How to beat the stress and keep your sanity as a parent.

Parents - Give Gifts That Will Keep On Giving
Many well meaning parents will buy gifts this season for their kids and teens that may be on one of the hot toy lists but lack true play value. Child psychologist, Dr Bob Myers provides tips for parents on holiday gift giving and toy safety.

Holiday Intentions
It seems that stress is often more prevalent than joy during the holidays. These ideas in this article can help you experience anew the joy and meaning of the season while leaving the frustrations behind.

Six Tips For Surviving the “Holidaze”
As the holiday season rushes towards moms like a Mack truck on ice, here are some tips on how to survive this hectic season and actually enjoy the holidays.

Gifts From the Heart

The Top Ten Worst Gifts from Last Christmas
Figuring out what people actually want eludes many well meaning people every Christmas. To help gift-givers give wisely, here is a list of “what not to give.”

Survey Shows When it Comes to Holiday Gift Giving, Mom Knows Best
From fruitcake to tube socks, bad gifts abound. Here’s a survey conducted by national retailer Sam Goody that explains the good, the bad and the ugly of holiday gift giving.

Anatomy of a Bad-Gift Giver
From procrastinators to re-gifters, there are many types of bad gift-givers. Here are some of the most common bad-gift faux pas and how to avoid them.

Enjoy The Holidays Without Gaining Weight
It's that festive time again & also one of the toughest times to maintain your weight and stay fit. If you aren't careful, this wonderful time of year can be overshadowed by weight gain and stress. Learn valuable tips to stay fit during the holidays.

Easy Holiday Crafts Kids (and Grown-ups) Will Love
During the holidays, families don’t have time for elaborate projects. Here are three simple crafts your kids will love this holiday season.

Give The Gift Of Good Health
Instead of giving the same old gifts this holiday season, give the ones you love something that will truly benefit them. Help them get more healthy through gifts of fitness.

Thanksgiving in Hard Times

An Organized Thanksgiving
Here are 10 tips for a fun, organized, stress-free Thanksgiving, with plenty of time to enjoy the true meaning of the holiday!

A Thanksgiving Idea for Singles
Thanksgiving can be a lonely time for single adults. Here is a great way to create a sense of family with other singles, when you can’t go home to be with your own family.

Love Your Mother Always and Keep Her Smiling
Why are you crying, a young boy asked his Mom?
"Because I'm a woman," she told him.

4 Ways To Avoid Looking Stupid When Making Small Talk
The fear of saying something silly and feeling embarrassed stops many of us from contributing more to discussions at work and when we are relaxing with friends.

How to Solve Disputes with the Helicopter Talk Technique
Do you ever find that when a friend asks for your opinion on a problem it is a lot easier for you to see a solution than it is for your friend? And do you also find that sometimes you feel completely stuck when it comes to your own problems?

How to Turn Around A Sinking Conversation - 7 Tips
When a conversation is not working out there is the potential for massive frustration or a breakthrough depending on how you look at it.

How To Generate Massive Self-Confidence In Minutes
A new and powerful way to use supercharged affirmations to generate self-confidence.

Dealing with Trials & Tribulations
Look on your life as a lesson that your soul is learning, a spiritual lesson that transcends the intellect.

Be Irresistibly Attractive to Women
You don't need rock-hard abs or a full head of hair to meet women.

Men and Women -- We're Just Different
An irreverent look at the differences between men and women.

Surviving Divorce: What To Think About To Ensure Surviving Divorce
Going through a divorce is hard enough, planning how you'll survive it afterwards is even more critical.

One Flaw In Women
Woman is truly amazing. She has strengths that amaze men.

As I Mature
Humor. Wisdom I have acquired as I grow old.

The Puzzle
Here is a situation that will help you think.

The Ten Commandments of Marriage
A humorous look at marriage.

Why are some countries poor??
You may be surprised to find what makes a country poor or developed.

Here is a beautiful message that will touch your heart in some way.

Humans or Animals?
Sometimes you wonder whether some people are humans or animals from their behavior. 

Life is a Juggling Act
A Speech by the CEO of Coca Cola Company. You must strive for balance in your life by juggling work, family, health, friends and spirit.

Moments In Life
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real!

Bill Gates' High School Address
Bill Gates gave a speech about 11 things high school students did not and will not learn in school. He talks about how feel-good, politically correct teachings created a generation of kids with no concept of reality and how this concept set them up for failure in the real world.

Right and Positive Attitude

The Story of a Mail Man
Here is the story of a school and a college which rose from the dust because of the dreams of a mailman in India.

A Gift from God
An inspirational story. Every morning when I  open my eyes, I tell myself that it is special. Every day, every minute, every breath truly is... a gift from God.

I am So Grateful
An inspirational and relaxing poem.

Understanding Your Husband
Humorous story. Demands of a Husband.

Which One Are You ???
Inspirational story. When problems come (and they will) how will we react? Will they make us weak, hard hearted or will they cause us to change into something worthwhile?

The Life Penalty
For perhaps three quarters of the dwellers of this planet, who lack basic amenities, for whom life is a daily drudgery, endless toil, and the excruciating misery of mind control or oppression by people in power, life itself must seem like a punishment. 

Importance of Time
Inspirational Story. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

Make the Most of Summer
Make time for yourself and for those you love… before the days of beaches, picnics and baseball fade away.

How to Determine Your Child’s Learning Style
Your child is like a computer. In order for him or her to fully understand incoming information, it must be “coded” a certain way. Are you speaking your child’s “language”?

Tips for Treating Your Child’s Scrapes, Splinters and Stings
Whether you’re dealing with a scraped knee, a sliver in a finger or an insect bite, prepared parents can react to problems quickly and calmly.

16 Summer Uses for Baking Soda and Vinegar
Here are a few helpful ways to use vinegar and baking soda that perhaps you've never thought of:

What Is Personal Development?
Personal development is more than positive thinking. It's about taking control and moving proactively toward your dreams.

Melon Art
Here are some incredible pictures of art developed by a very talented artist. It goes to say that the whole world is canvas for a talented artist.

Adjusting Our Dreams
The key to success in life depends upon adjusting to life's occurrences and making the most of them.

101 Reasons To Be Proud To Be YOU
When someone talks badly to you, what makes that ok? NOTHING! You are your most valuable resource, and how you value yourself will depend on how others see you as well. 

10 Steps To Manifesting Consciously
The following are steps you can take that will lead you to manifesting your desired life results.

What If I Fall Flat On My Face?
The fear of failure is a cruel and stupid trick we pull on ourselves. The fact that the fear of failure stops us from going after our goals and dreams means that we've already failed.  Who cares if you fail? Brilliant people fail every single day.

How to Do Hard Things
Tips on how to push past your natural resistance to difficult tasks.

We Are Exactly Where We Choose to Be
If you ever find yourself digging a hole deeper and deeper and wishing you could get out of it, just stop digging! Because, when it's all said and done . .

What Does It Take To 'Have It All' In Life?
Some people simply do not believe that it is possible to 'have it all'. Well, I am here as an ambassador to dispel that rumor once and for all.

Your Pot of Gold: Waiting for the Rainbow's End
It's not too late to reach for the calling you've always felt deeply within your heart. There's a pot of gold, a beautiful creation all your own. But here is why you must stop waiting.

You Are In Control
You have a choice on how you respond to everything in your life. What you project comes back to you.

Go Kiss the World
Success to me is about Vision. It is the ability to rise above the immediacy of pain. It is about imagination. It is about sensitivity to small people. It is about building inclusion. It is about connectedness to a larger world existence. It is about personal tenacity. It is about giving back more to life than you take out of it. It is about creating extra-ordinary success with ordinary lives.

Helping Others Win
Inspirational Story. What matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves. What matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course.

Five lessons to make you think about the way we treat people.

Do It Now
Some things should not be delayed. It should be done now. 

Rich or Poor ??
What makes a person rich? What would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don't have.

Little Bobby and Bike
Humorous story.

A Sweet Love Story
One of the most touching and purest love story I've read in a while..

Friends are like Angels
Friends are like angels, who help us fly when our wings have Forgotten how to fly.

Kissing contains no chemical additives
(Humor) Next time you hear a brawl at your local barbershop, just go in and give everyone a kiss. I guarantee that you will win the argument hands down. And if not, at least you will make some new friends to argue with.

Six Tips For a Great Family Vacation, Where Everyone Is Still Talking At The End
Too many family vacations end in disaster because of unrealistic expectations or poor planning. The family vacation is an annual tradition for many Americans and can have a significant bonding effect for couples and children. Careful planning makes all the difference.

Smelling the Roses: Better Living Through Savoring
Researchers in Positive Psychology find that people actually get more done if they take time out to SAVOR their day. Not only that, but, over time, people who set aside a few hours every week are likely to be healthier, more relaxed, and better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Don't sweat the little things!
Next time your morning seems to be going wrong, the children are slow getting dressed, you can't seem to find the car keys, you hit every traffic light, don't get mad or frustrated; God is at work watching over you.

Crossing the Line of Fear
Every human on earth at one time or another feels this "fear" and reverts back into their "safety" or comfort zone. The system was created to protect us in times of real danger but we must learn when danger is real or caused by our imagination of what may happen…again.

The 23rd Channel
A humorous parody of 23rd psalm.

Conversation With GOD

Collective Intelligence and Collective Wisdom
My own experience has convinced me that collective intelligence and collective wisdom are real and offer incredible potential for all organizations in this time of information overload and complexity.

The Source Of All Energy Is Hope
But it's the process of doing that's more important than the result. Being dependable, being depended upon and delivering, is a great reward. You build a life from pieces of time, from units of energy, you fight entropy as much as you can, every day, with whatever you have. The result is not for you to judge.

Ode to Mother
This was sent to you to remember your mom or if you are a mom! Very touching! A bit long but worth reading.

Help Wanted Ad for Mother

The Story Of Father's Day
Father's Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards. In fact when a "father's day" was first proposed there were no Father's Day cards!

The Other Woman: A Mother's Day Special
At that moment I understood the importance of saying, in time: "I LOVE YOU" and to give our loved ones the time that they deserve.

Turtle Dreams
When life seems to overcome me, I often think of that old turtle cow, spending fifty to a hundred years, just doing what God intended for her to do.

The Daffodil Principle
For me that moment was a life-changing experience. I thought of this woman whom I had never met, who, more than thirty-five years before, had begun -- one bulb at a time -- to bring her vision of beauty and joy to an obscure mountain top. One bulb at a time. A powerful story you don't want to miss.

Circle of Friends
A powerful inspirational story. Never underestimate the power of your actions. With one small gesture you can change a person's life. For better or for worse.

Think Positive
Be thankful for your blessings!

The Doctor Says
Humorous medical advice.

Smart Lawyer got outsmarted!
Beating a lawyer at his own game. Interesting reading.

Let the Magic Live Within You
Sometimes we may not always see that magic we have within us and we need people to mirror us and help us to see it. Some days the weight of the world can feel a bit heavier and I have found about that time, someone always comes along and says "Good job, keep up the great work." It always makes me smile and sometimes shed a tear of joy that I have such magical moments in my life.

Fathers and Sons
Millions of today's fathers grew up with fathers who were unable to express their love directly. And yet so many of these fathers have been able to express their love to their own children.

What Is Love?
I was never needed to prove my undying love through a glorious act of self-sacrifice. It was something I was required to do in little ways, through one small act of kindness at a time. And that, I've learned, is love.

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Arguing With Your Wife
Since life is short, wouldn't men be better off to follow a few simple rules and enjoy their time with their wives?

Raise Your Hand
For your own sake - raise your hand, speak up, and throw that stone in and cause that ripple - it just may save countless others from unspeakable atrocities and might bring equality and good will a step closer to reality.

Live Your Life to the Fullest
Do you sometimes feel that you're living a boring life? You just can't seem to find anything exciting.

Change your life for the better!
If you are tired of hoping and endlessly waiting for something positive to happen or someone to come to your rescue, make a deliberate decision today to take charge of your own life and begin to lead a fulfilled and productive life.

A Sweep of Vanity: How To Burst Your Own Bubble
If there's one characteristic we hope we don't have, it's vanity. We'd rather be considered aggressive, driven, petty, even mean than have others feel that we think too much of ourselves.

A Century of Experience
Too often, we are content with one experience, always looking back to a past event. We are content with a single success instead of growing and stretching ourselves.

Passion of Christ- Mel Gibson's Act of Faith
Mr. Gibson emerged as a man with strong convictions about his faith as he detailed his own passions for alcohol, drugs etc. which brought him close to suicide once. On TV, he witnessed how Christ's passion helped him overcome his battles in life.


The 2003 Stella Awards
Frivolous, successful lawsuits.

Words Women Use

Teaching Math
A humorous look at how teaching methods and values have changed with time.

An Easter Eggs-travaganza for Family and Friends
From egg races to candle eggs, author and party expert Penny Warner shares her ideas for a great Easter celebration.

There's More to Celebrating Easter than Easter-Egg Hunts
You can have fun on Easter while still remaining true to the spirit of the holiday. Discover from author Patti Sachs how to make your holiday gathering festive and fun.

How to Make Your Own Easter Treats
Don't rely on store-bought Easter items. This year, make personal baskets and goodies for your children. This article gives suggestions on how.

A Penny
After reading this story, you will never look at a penny the same way. Ever!

Where are You Headed?
Do you have a road map for where you are going? This road map might be better called your life purpose. It is contained in your vision for your life.

Take It Easy on Yourself!
No one person can accurately compare themselves to another person and expect to obtain a reasonable result.

The Value of a Woman
Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears.

Great Classifieds

Happiness: the Ultimate Egoism?
Isn’t everybody ultimately striving for happiness? And doesn’t happiness have as many faces as there are people in the world? Isn’t happiness tailored to what we expect from life?

A Lesson in Letting Go and Prosperity
I hear from people all the time, it usually always stems from not having enough money. Well, guess what. You can do many things without money that has to do with money. Don't believe me? I have more success stories up my sleeve than you have time.

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