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Are You Ready to Live a Fulfilled Life?
By Brad Swift

Are you ready to live a satisfying and fulfilled life? What would such a life look and feel like for you? Obviously, such a life will be different for each of us, so what would your fulfilled life look like? What would your daily experience of such a life be like?

Wouldn't such a life be filled with joy? Would it include being focused, knowing who you are and why you're here on earth? Would it include deeply satisfying and nurturing relationships? How about plenty of time to play and express your creative nature? Stop reading for just a few moments and see if you can envision such a life.

What would such a life be like for you? And what is the key to living such a life? What is currently missing in so many of our lives that if it were present, it would make such a difference that we could all live the fulfilled life?

If you've read many other Purposeful Pondering articles, you know the answer -- your life purpose. Yes, that is the key that opens the door to a truly satisfying and fulfilling life. But it alone is insufficient to transform your life. Like any other key it needs to be put to use. In other words, clarifying your life purpose is only the first step -- a very important first step, but it takes more.

In the years of working with hundreds and thousands of people, assisting them to clarify their life purpose, I've found one of the key obstacles to people really knowing their life purpose is that they are searching for it in the wrong places. There like Joe in the old and corny joke, who was found one night on his hands and knees on the street corner under the street lamp. When one of his friends asked him what he was doing there, he pointed down the street. "I lost my car keys down there in that dark alley," he replied.

Somewhat confused, his friend asked, "Then why are you up here under this street lamp?"

"Because the lighting is much better."

Many people are like Joe, looking for the key to their life under the street lamp of what they feel they are meant to do with their life. But what if what you do isn't your life purpose? What if your career, your job, or even the roles you play, such as parent, sibling, employee, church goer, isn't your life purpose? Then, it won't matter how much time you spend in the doing part of life, you won't find your life purpose.

Perhaps it's time to look down in the alley of 'beingness.' What if your life purpose is more about who you are, then what you do? What if who you are then serves as the context or vessel that shapes everything you do in life, not just your time at work, or your time with your family, or your volunteer time, but all of your life?

For many of you reading this article, I suggest to your that it's time to start looking in a new location for your life purpose. But, again, clarifying your life purpose isn't enough to suddenly have you living the fulfilled life. It takes more. It takes action.

That's why the Life On Purpose Process is divided into two stages. In the first stage your clarify your life purpose, so that in the second stage you can begin to live true to it. While the second stage is where the "rubber meets the road," you can't get there until you've done the work of the first stage. That's why our program, Living the Fulfilled Life Teleseries, includes both stages. Because we're committed to our clients truly transforming their own life.

So, are you ready? Are you yearning to live a satisfying and fulfilling life? Do you hunger to live the life of your dreams? If so, are you prepared to take action? Or will you be like Joe, staying under the street lamp where it's safe, bright and familiar? I invite you to ponder this a bit, then take the action that will lead you down the path to a truly satisfying and fulfilling life.

Life Purpose Coach and author, W. Bradford Swift, has dedicated his life to helping people clarify and live true to their life purpose. He is the founder of Life On Purpose Institute and Community, where people longing for a more satisfying and fulfilling life connect with other like-minded and spirited souls.  http://www.lifeonpurpose.com

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