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Truth Can't Be Hidden: Fluoride Causes Cancer
By William Carmichael

The Establishment can't hide the truth any longer - fluoride is a carcinogen: i.e., a cancer-causing agent.

For more than 13 years various agencies of the U.S. government, in collusion with the American Dental association (ADA) and aluminum producers, have been working to prevent the results of a study linking fluoride and cancer from becoming public knowledge.

For decades, concerned scientists and lay people who tried to warn the public about the dangers of fluoride were derided as kooks and nuts, right wingers who saw a communist conspiracy in simple public health measure- fluoridation of the nation's drinking water.

The disinformation campaign intended to obscure the real health hazards of fluoride is crumbling. But the battle isn't over. "This is just the beginning," Dr. John Yiamouyiannis told The SPOT-LIGHT. "If we go to sleep now, the pro-fluoride forces will rebury the test results, and we'll be back where we started."

Yiamouyiannis, a biochemist and president of the Safe Water Foundation (SWF), was one of two researchers who first determined the fluoride-cancer link.

In 1977, epidemiological studies by Dr. Dean Burk, former head of the U.S. National Cancer Institute's cell chemistry section, and Yiamouyiannis showed that fluoridation is linked to about 10,000 cancer deaths yearly. As a result of these efforts, Congress mandated that studies be conducted to find out if fluoride is carcinogenic.


Those government-ordered studies were conducted. The results were positive. "But they were hidden," said Yiamouyiannis. "Over 120 million Americans are being chronically poisoned by fluoridation," he told The SPOT-LIGHT.

"In addition," he said, "fluoridation is responsible for 40 million cases of arthritis, dental deformity in 8 million children, allergic reactions in 2 million people and overall 10,000 unnecessary cancer deaths every year."

The government tests were designed to determine whether water fluoridation results in an increase in human cancer risk. They were conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) under the auspices of the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS). PHS is a leading promoter of fluoridation," Yiamouyiannis points out.

The NTP tests confirmed what the Burk-Yiamouyiannis tests 13 years earlier had shown-fluoride is carcinogenic. Fluoride caused bone cancer and increased the rate of oral cancer. "The NTP studies were not the first animal studies to show that fluoride is carcinogenic," Yiamouyiannis told The SPOT-LIGHT.

Research from St Louis University, the Nippon [Japan] Dental College and the University of Texas show that fluoride has the ability to induce tumors, cancers and stimulate rumor growth rate." Late last year, the SWF obtained "carcinogenicity studies with sodium fluoride performed by Proctor and Gamble" which had been submitted to - but covered up by -the PHS for four years. "Dose-dependent increases were observed in every parameter tested," said Yiamouyiannis. These results will be published shortly."


Meanwhile, the ADA has gone on record as supporting water fluoridation as the "safest, most effective and most economical public health measure."

Yiamouyiannis called this statement "absurd." Not only is a carcinogen not "safe," said the Ph.D. biochemist, but "studies show that adding fluoride to the public water supply does not reduce tooth decay. Dr. Anthony Bolte, dental director of Proctor and Gamble, concluded that fluoride in water does not reduce tooth decay," said Yiamouyiannis.

Bolte's report contains the statement that the claim that fluoridation prevent tooth decay "is inconsistent with technology of the 1990's.

The government-ordered studies were supposed to be completed in 1980. The first was completed in 1984 and the second in 1987. Both sets of results were kept from the American public. The SWF filed Freedom of Information Act requests and obtained the results. "All tests came out positive [i.e., establishing a fluoride-cancer link]," said Yiamouyiannis, "We've got to get moving on this," Yiamouyiannis told The SPOTLIGHT. We've got to tell our elected officials that we know fluoride causes cancer and that we don't want a carcinogen introduced into our drinking water."

He said the government's "maximum containment level goal" for fluoride in the drinking water should be 0.5 parts per million.

Please check with your appropriate professional for treatment, services or advice. This is intended for information only. Read and research at your own risk.

@ Judy Tovey, 2002

8 Spotlight Reprint May, 1992

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