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Hidden Benefits of Stress-Managing
By Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

We all know about stress, but few work to manage it in the "moments", where it is needed most. This "moment" of stress release can also be utilized to program the mind for high level creativity & goal achievement.

Managing stress moment to moment is key in high level performance & in the attainment of optimum health. Those who manage stress well are highly rewarded in many different areas of their life. Those that don't, also reap benefits. Take some time to look around you & spot check who manages stress well & who doesn't. Look at the differences in outcomes.

Life is like a big classroom with lots of experiments going on at the same time. It is a good idea to "tune in" to the lessons being presented. This will help you weed out those that bring negative consequences. This way you won't have to experience them for yourself. Someone else is doing you this favor!

Stress Management "To Do" List

Watch out for sugars, caffeine, alcohol & other stimulants.

What you put in your body affects your mind. Learn to notice body changes in relation to food, especially hypoglycemic dips. Dietary problems lead to increased stress, tension & anxiety. They are often the reason for sleep disorders. What happens at breakfast, or what doesn't happen at breakfast can affect your level of sleep that night!

Stop smoking for obvious reasons & for some not quite so obvious.

Tune into your body! Learn to practice mental biofeedback/body scanning. This subconscious mind program will not only decrease stress chemical production during the day, but will help in- crease concentration, focus & flexibility of thought.

Read your body tension frequently during the day & release.

This ongoing attention to the stress chemical levels with leave you feeling energized at the end of your day. Learn the power of insight meditation. Meditating brings your body into a healthy balance, allowing the exit of stress through healthy channels, helping to decrease the power of negative emotional turmoil while increasing your power of concentration, focus & flexibility.

Cultivate the art of mindfulness.

Learning to "notice" & be aware are the most important tools you can acquire. The large majority of people roam the earth in a trance-like state. It is only when you wake up to what is really going on, that you can make progress on all levels. Watch out for striving & excessive efforting. These are deadly.

Develop visualization skills.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference from reality or something imagined. Use this to your advantage. Certainly be aware when your imaginings are planting negative messages ! Remember, all thoughts are chemically coded. Positive images will take you to any goal & also design the "to do" steps.

Learn to recognize the VOJ ( voice of judgement).

Practice the art of noticing in relation to all judgments. Be careful not to judge the judgment. Utilize self-hypnotic techniques, incorporating positive affirmations. Develop a room in your mind where you go to work on self-development. Observe your prison cell. See the "bars" that are the strongest, and work to open a space. Some include mind bound, lack of integrity, confusion, fear of conflict, approval seeking, denial of emotions, lack of communication, self-doubt & lack of awareness. Observe where you are stuck in the "quicksand." Circumstances, job, fear, certain people, past choices, outgrowth relationships, old thoughts & feelings.

Learn to wake-up!

Learn the art of balancing your lifestyle. Observe where you are out of balance & utilize your subconscious powers to put you back on track.

Utilize good time-management skills.

Learn to observe your activities within the "big picture" & then learn to say the magic word, "No."

Learn to understand & accept that nothing is permanent.

Everything passes & letting it pass reduces stress & fatigue. It will also strengthen you. When we obstruct our thoughts, emotions & body sensations we keep stress chemicals trapped in our bodies where they do the most harm. Over 65% of all disease processes are stress-related. Remember the formula: Notice, observe, locate your breath & return to your alpha state breathing.

Here are some powerful self-exploration questions to help wake you up & place you down into a better place for your optimum mind-body performance ! Don't be lazy in how you approach this work. Those who work well in managing stress not only save their lives, but actually open the door to the highest level of creative thought as the stress is released in the moments.

1. Do you have a stress management program? Is it a true management program or one of stress-releasing such as exercise? Think about how they are different.

2. How do you manage stress throughout your day? Think about how an organized plan can assist you. See yourself in your mind's eye managing stress in different areas of your life.

3. In what area do you manage stress the best? Notice the tools you utilize.

4. In what area do you have the biggest problems managing stress? In your mind's eye, take the tools you utilized in #3 & see yourself applying them in this area.

5. What can you do today to start implementing the above plan? Go ahead & place it on your calendar.

More Information: Visit Holisticonline.com Stress Management Infocenter

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, SRN, CPH is a Workplace Health Educator, President & Program Designer, Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute located in Sarasota, FL & online at www.hypnosis-audio.com & www.sugar-addiction.com. She specializes in stress management, high level health & achievement for adults, children, executives & athletes.

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