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Doctor's Worry: Is Your Baby Safe?
By David L. Kern, Editor, New Health & Longevity

Your children may be in danger from baby shampoos, skin lotions, baby wipes and toothpaste. According to doctors and medical researchers in the United States, Japan, Switzerland and German; two common ingredients found in ordinary shampoos and skin products may be lined to cataracts, cancer, eye damage and even blindness in young children.

Is Your Child at Risk?

The greatest concern of many scientists is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a detergent found in about 90% of shampoos. This chemical has been shown to damage proteins in the eyes of young animals. Some doctors think these chemicals may cause eye damage and blindness in babies and young children.

SLS goes through the skin and builds up in the eyes of young animals in clinical studies. It penetrates into the eyes, and is also held in the brain, heart and liver. A single drop of SLS stays in the brain and body for five days. This means that if you wash your child's hair more than once a week with a shampoo containing SLS, your child has constant levels of this harmful chemical in his eyes, brain, and body all the time. And since SLS is absorbed through the skin, it does not have to enter the eye directly. Anywhere it touches the skin it goes in.

According to the Medical College of Georgia. There is an immediate concern relating to the penetration of these chemicals into the eye and other tissues. This is especially important in infants … Exposure to SLS results in accumulating eye tissues, a process that could retard healing as well as potentially having a long-term effects."

Researchers say that sodium lauryl sulfate causes improper eye development in children. A trip to the grocery store is proof the SLS is a main ingredient in most shampoos. It is also a main ingredient in most baby shampoos.

"Natural" Doesn't Mean "Safe"

Many Shampoos sold in health food stores; even ones labeled "all natural" contain SLS. Don't be fooled by high prices or "natural" on the bottle. You must check the ingredients on the label if you want to avoid the harmful effects of SLS for yourself and your children.

Toxins in Your Toothpaste

Unfortunately, SLS is as common as it is dangerous. It's even in your toothpaste! We found only one major brand that does not contain this ingredient (Sensodyne™ ). All other toothpaste sold in our local grocery store - Crest ™ , Colgate ™ , AquaFresh ™ , Pepsodent ™ have SLS as a major ingredient. You and your children are probably putting this toxic chemical in your mouths every day.

Baby Wipes and Baby Lotion Dangers

Propylene glycol has severe adverse health effects. It causes skin rash, deafness, kidney damage, and liver problems in scientific and animal studies. This chemical damages cell membranes, leading to rashes, dry skin and surface damage of the skin. One researcher advises caution when propylene glycol is used on the skin, even in the laboratory. Another study warns that animals and humans are both at risk when taking medicines containing propylene glycol.

Why Haven't I heard about these Harmful Chemicals Before Now?

Information on these damaging chemicals has been available for several years, but it hasn't been publicized outside the medical community. Your own doctor probably doesn't know about this problem yet (you may want to show him/her this flyer). Our research indicates that it can take up to 20 years for scientific health information to become general knowledge. Certain companies are already taking steps (look for baby wipes that have aloe, because many of these have no Propylene glycol). You will be hearing about this problem. But you don't have to wait to protect your family! There are safe products you can buy right now. In some cases, the safe products will even cost less. Don't wait for the evening news in the year 2001 to warn you about this real risk to your children's health. Safeguard yourself and your family today.


What You Can Do Now:

  • Check your shampoos (including tearless baby shampoo), , toothpaste, liquid soaps, lotions, sun-block products, bubble baths and baby wipes for DEA, TEA, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, Propylene glycol, Aluminum, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Talc, Alcohol, Fluoride, Alpha hydroxy acids, Lanolin, fluorocarbons, tallow, and artificial fragrances, colors, sweeteners, flavors.
  • Replace products containing these chemicals with safer alternatives.

Are you putting your children at risk? Does your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, liquid soaps, bubble baths, sunblocks, deodorant, shaving lotion/gel, skin care products & cosmetics, etc contain safe ingredients? For more information on products that are safe, effective, FREE of carcinogens, toxins, contaminates and other potentially harmful ingredients go to: http://antiagingchoices.com

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