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"Mental Anchors"
by Ken Dennis

Have you ever noticed when you remember something pleasant in your past, that your current mood changes to a happy mood? Or when you remember a troubling thought, you become more agitated and your mood becomes full of negative thoughts?

Today I would like to give you a quick introduction to using the above examples to your benefit. That’s right, we are going to start making you turn in to a positive thought and energetic machine!

To understand how this works I will try to give you a very brief introduction of how the mind relates and saves information. The best example I can give you is “The Song” example. Most people during the course of a relationship have “a song” that instantly makes you think of your significant other. The wonderful thoughts and feelings all come rushing back to you as soon as you hear it. Conversely, after a bad breakup from that person, perhaps years later you may hear that song, and say “I hate that song” because the moment you hear it you feel negative thoughts and feelings.

When you are in a highly emotional state of mental thoughts and feelings your mind creates “links” or “anchors” to things that you may see, hear, feel, touch or any other sense you can imagine. If instance, back to the song example. If you are in a loving, caring mood, feeling loved, feeling great, and you hear a song a few times, your mind links or anchors that song to those feelings. Thus if you later hear the song, your mind looks at what is linked to that song and says “Hey you, FEEL GOOD, FEEL LOVED!”

Now perhaps that song brings back bad memories and feelings for you. Perhaps you had a bad breakup, or had a traumatic experience which really hurt you, you were fighting with your partner and that song was linked to highly emotional pain and hate that you were feeling. So you guessed where I am headed with this, the bad and hateful feelings are now anchored to those emotions and the same situation applies, you hear may hear the song later and be reminded, or “feel” negative or hateful thoughts!

“Now Ken,” you say, “How the heck does this apply to me??”

Well generally speaking, people do not control or create their anchors or links consciously. They just happen! Your mind makes them without you knowing! But what if you could create and use the same method that your mind does, “behind the scenes” to your own benefit?

Well that would be an INCREDIBLE tool for you to use to shape, mold, and control yourself! Imagine for a second, How would you like to be able to instantly get into an energetic state, or instantly go from a hateful mood to a happy or humorous mood?

“That would be GREAT!” I’m sure you are all saying to yourself right now!

So let us get to it! Let us right this very moment start to change your life for the better! Help yourself learn to turn your moods on and off like a light switch!

First off, to create new anchors or links, you need to BE IN a highly emotional state of being. You need to FEEL the way that you want this anchor to trigger later on. What I mean by this is… If you want to be extremely happy and ecstatic then you must be in that state when you create your trigger! The stronger your emotions are, the stronger your feelings are the stronger and more long lasting your trigger will be!

If you simply say, “Ok I’m in a good mood now” and create your trigger, it won’t work, you may say you are in a good mood, but you need to actually feel it, don’t just passively say “I’m in a good mood.” FEEL IT, get out of your chair, jump around, feel the way you would if you were in a GREAT mood! Pull your shoulders back, breathe deeply, stick out your chest, back straight, and yell out that you are in a FANTASTIC MOOD! Pump yourself up so you are higher than you have ever been! This is when the true magic can happen!

When you are in the most incredibly emotional, ecstatic, fantastic, great, powerful and energetic mood… I want you to put your hand or finger on a part of your body and press or squeeze the skin, do this in a weird way, do this somewhere where it will not happen naturally! For instance you may grab and squeeze your right earlobe, or press on the back of the second knuckle on your left hand. It’s up to you to choose where you want to do this… Now keep in your happy ecstatic, great, fantastic and energetic mood and over and over keep pressing, squeezing the place you decided to be your trigger! Do this 15 to 20 times, make sure you do it the same every single time… Same pressure if you are pressing, same location and keep yourself in an incredible mood, stay incredibly emotional it is the key to long lasting triggers!

Now let us pretend for a moment that you were squeezing your left earlobe as your trigger spot. I want you to calm down now... and the next day, or if you did this in the morning, later at night… When you are not in your fantastic overly energetic state, do your trigger motion… In our case, squeeze your left earlobe! You’ll probably notice your mood almost instantly changes! You’ll feel happier, you’ll feel the emotions you felt when you created the trigger, as they flood back at you!

Now I’m not saying these triggers will take you from an incredibly angry situation, to super happy mood, “just like that.” But you may go from angry mood to a far lesser degree, or even a little bit happier mood. The stronger emotional state when you created the trigger really is the key to how powerful this trigger will continue to be!

You can use this same methodology to create anchors of all types, experiment! Get in a funny mood, get in a self confident mood, get in an energetic mood! Experiment, have fun!

Remember, your mind is a tool! Use the tools you have to benefit your life!

Ken Dennis (ken@getbulky.com) Inspirational Writer and Webmaster of: Getbulky Health & Fitness http://www.getbulky.com

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