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Sincere Trust
By Ed Hirsch

The Chief thing I look for in relationships is trust. Business and Personal alike, when trust becomes an issue, my tendency is to back out of the effort.

Face it, all relationships require work ... an effort to listen, understand and respond accordingly, appropriately to build and reinforce more trust. So many times, people let others down relative to what they say (their word) and what their actual actions are.

Belief, doubt, faith, insight and encouragement are other words which come to mind when I think about trusting others. The best thing I can do, is conduct my own life and behaviors in such a way to inspire trust from you.

If I explain to you that, "If you enroll in my business opportunity, you can trust me to help you to achieve your dreams" ... this may sound good, but ...

Have you heard that if someone says "Trust me!" (the "T" word) it is an automatic red flag NOT TO trust them.

I lead toward this more conservative perception.

Sincere Trust is a Chemistry, much like love ... we don't completely understand it. "I don't know why I love her, I just do ... it seems right."

Spiritual connections DO occur and the more you have with others, the better. Deep relationships provide increased significance to our lives. I'm not referring to intimate relationships ... I'm talking about meaningful ones which add, increase and enhance how we feel about ourselves and how interaction with others takes on more fulfilled meanings.

"The more I know, the less I understand" wrote and recorded Don Henley from his End Of The Innocence's Heart Of The Matter.

in 1989. I know that in my own life, I do pride my own character on trust and honesty, because this is what I would like to receive most back in return from others.

When you get to the point in your own life where you sincerely trust yourself, prove it! When you show others that you are, "not being your word", you create an extremely difficult environment for others to trust you.

It is better to remain silent, then to talk without follow-up action.

Be careful to "watch" what you say ... work to sincerely trust yourself and begin to see your New Year turn around for the better.

2002 will be a year of Sincere Trust for me ... perhaps it will for you too!

Ed Hirsch can be reached: mailto:ed@dreamstyles.com; ICQ# 55939361 650-872-1024; So. San Francisco, California

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