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The Four Keys to Balancing Your Life
by Phillip Mountrose

How can you create and maintain your most meaningful relationships?

We have found that a holistic approach, that balances body-mind-spirit, optimizes your relationships. By achieving balance on an emotional, mental and spiritual level (your essential nature), you can relate more deeply to others and be in the moment. Ignoring any part of your essential nature, leaves you open to conflict and stress.


Complete success contains fours keys to balance, which are the focus of our teachings and coaching system:

1. Enlisting your inner resources 2. Observing your essential nature 3. Clearing blockages 4. Taking action

Let's examine each key to having a balanced life.


Enlisting resources means you connect with your higher self and spiritual source. To connect with your inner guidance, we recommend the soul-centering technique we describe in our "Getting Thru to Your Soul" materials (http://www.gettingthru.org/soulbook.htm), and you may have your own way of accessing your higher connection. This connection is important to do regularly, as soul-centering is a key to genuine success.

There is a famous saying from the Bible about what is it worth to gain the world while losing your soul. We would add that you can succeed in the world even more by doing it in a soulful way.

Being too focused on just soul-centering, though, could lead to becoming dependent on God and your higher self to save you. In other words, it's important to take responsibility for yourself, which includes an ongoing relationship with your higher self, God and those you love. By regularly enlisting your inner resources, you co-create with your spiritual allies. You attract the right external resources as well.


Each of us is unique. We have a set of personality traits, or overleaves, that our soul chose for us. These include a role, goal, mode, attitude, body type and center of gravity. By learning about these traits, it's easier to observe and understand yourself and others.

As we come to know our essential nature, we see patterns that are natural to us, and how they are similar or different from others. For instance, if you are a warrior role, your innate inclinations will differ noticeably from a person with a server role. Similarly, if you have a scholar role with a goal of discrimination, it will be far different from another scholar type whose goal is acceptance.

So to review the first two keys to fulfilling yourself and your relationships, you want to observe your tendencies and align with your soul's wisdom (enlisting your resources) to achieve balance.


You can observe yourself and connect with inner resources yet still feel stuck. That's because there are certain fear-based patterns that need clearing. We often share tips and techniques in this newsletter on how to clear blockages.

As a way for people deepening their relationships, the coaching profession has risen to prominence in recent years. One drawback to this generally positive movement, however, is it avoids any kind of clearing issues. Coaching usually focuses on helping people attain their goals, and suggests that clearing issues is a therapist's role.

Both parts (fulfilling goals and clearing issues) are needed. Dr. Phil McGraw emphasizes that people can change now as a simple act of will, without any "inner child" work. Although this is sometimes the case, there are usually deep, unconscious fear-based patterns that still hold us back.

Fortunately, with energy work and the right resources, you can unearth these issues and free yourself of them. It's often tremendously helpful to use powerful, direct healing modalities like EFT and Spiritual Kinesiology for complete healing, which promotes future progress in one's relationships and life path.


If you connect with your guidance, observe yourself, and clear blockages without taking further action, you can still slow or halt your progress. Taking action has two vital components:

1) Creating a list of goals and put it in writing 

2) Trusting in your higher self and the source to provide the opportunities to take you where you want to go. (This component relates to "enlisting your resources" that we described above)

Writing down flexible short- and long-term goals has been shown to greatly enhance the likelihood of your success.

We wrote down our own goals in all aspects of our lives (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) ten years ago, and after reviewing them two years ago, were surprised to realize that they nearly all had been accomplished. So we proceeded to write down another set of goals, which we continue to update and help others to do the same.

Of course, if you just take action without connecting with inner resources, observing yourself and clearing blockages, you can be heading in the wrong direction. So all four of these components that we put in the GT (Getting Thru) Coaching system are valuable for sustained, balanced growth and having loving relationships.

Good luck on using these four keys to balance: enlisting inner resources, observing your essential nature, clearing blockages and taking action.

Spiritual counselor and coach, Phillip Mountrose offers phone consultations, teleclasses, and home-study certification courses. The Mountroses extensive website is http://www.gettingthru.org, where they have Free email newsletters.

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