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The Top 10 Signs of Low Self-Esteem
by Ronya Banks

The human race is exhibiting low self-esteem in epidemic proportions. Nearly everywhere you go, you see and hear signs of low self-esteem including people complaining, avoiding, or judging one another.

It is time for people to begin recognizing where they may have low self-esteem and start believing in themselves in all areas of their lives. Although there are many indicators, the following ten are some of the most prevalent signs of low self-esteem.

1. Walking with your head down.

If you’ve ever seen someone walking with his head pointed downwards, with his chin scraping the front of his body, then you have witnessed low self-esteem. If you do this, pick your chin up off of your chest and walk with your head held high!

2. You don’t make and/or sustain direct eye contact with others.

Someone who shifts his eyes about and/or is unable to make direct eye contact is communicating low self-esteem, as well as communicating an intention to avoid connecting with others.

3. You do not accept compliments well.

“Oh no, not me”. Responding to a compliment with a statement of denial is another sign of low self-esteem. When you feel really good about yourself, you accept praise with appreciation and grace.

4. You apologize and feel guilty.

If you say the words “I’m sorry” often, then you are apologizing for living. Apologizing a lot usually goes hand in hand with feeling guilty. Guilt is a major low self-esteem growth hormone. The guiltier you feel, the worse you feel about yourself, and the worse you feel about yourself, the guiltier you feel. Stop apologizing and give up feeling guilty today!

5. You get frustrated, impatient, or angry often.

When you do not feel good about yourself, you tend to have very little patience with others. This lack of patience and understanding for others creates a breeding ground for many possible negative responses including frustration, anger, incredulousness, and being harshly judgmental.

6. You use negative, hopeless language.

Low self-esteem seeps in to one’s daily language. Examples of negative, hopeless, low self-esteem language include phrases like: “It figures”, or “If something bad is going to happen, it will happen to me”, or “I’m only human”, or “I can’t…”, or “I never could…”, or “I should have…”, or “Life sucks and then you die”, etc., etc.,….

7. You are depressed.

Chronic, pervasive, and extended bouts of low self-esteem are often precursors to depression. If you are battling with depression you are probably having trouble seeing the positive in any situation. If you are experiencing prolonged periods of extreme sadness, hopelessness, and/or sabotaging thoughts, consult a professional.

8. You take things personally.

The lower your self-esteem, the more you will feel unsure of yourself. The more unsure you feel about yourself, the more apt you will be to take what other people say personally. Raise your self-esteem and other people’s opinions and comments will roll off of you like water off of a duck’s back.

9. You do not engage with others.

Your lack of belief in yourself may motivate you to choose to hide away from reality or cloister yourself away from other living, breathing humans. Take a very deep breath and join the land of the living. You have a lot to give - to yourself and to others.

10. You do not take risks.

Some people respond to low self-esteem by avoiding taking risks in their personal and professional lives. If you feel unsure about yourself, you may fear failure and worry about looking bad, to the point that you play it safe. Give up fearing failure and looking bad. You are going to die anyhow. You might as well give life its fair shake and go for your soul’s desires! Remember self-esteem problems show up differently in different people. You may feel great about yourself in one area of your life, but have extremely low self-esteem in another area of your life. There is always room for improvement. Isn’t it time you became committed to truly loving and appreciating yourself?

Ronya Banks is a life and business coach, trainer, writer, entrepreneur, and the creator of the well-known "Mind Design" coaching and training program wherein she has become expert helping people to reprogram their brains pathways from unwanted persistent life patterns to patterns that promote life and business success, and inner peace. She is a published author of several articles, including the Top Ten Daily Mind Discipline Practices. http://www.livinginaction.com

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