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5 Tips for Weight Training
by Seamus Phan

When we mean results we really mean a physically pleasing physique, and have health and real fitness to go with it. Preferably, we also mean we don't have to die in the gym to get the results we desire.

We can recommend a few tips:

1. Don't overtrain, or undertrain 

Many busy people become "weekend warriors", cramping every exercise into a single Saturday or Sunday. Invariably, you overtrain, and do more harm to your body. Since many exercises are done in a single session, you undertrain individual parts given a fixed time frame. A recommended program should be 2 or 3 times per week, and train antagonistic muscles per session. For example, you may train chest, abs, and back on Wednesdays, and arms, shoulders, and legs on Saturdays.

2. Train hard or go home 

Many people chat more than they train at the gym. Train intensely the body parts you are supposed to. Hit the parts hard, with enough reps and sets, and then move on to the next exercise. Always reach failure with every set, and try not to cheat with half reps as many tend to do. Do complete and strict movements.

3. Train with basics 

Many people like fancy gym equipment. The best way to train is to train with basic equipment such as free weights, chin-up rack or bar, squats, dips and bench press. The fancy equipment such as cables are meant for more experienced bodybuilders who need to refine the already large body parts.

4. Add weights 

Don't stagnate by simply doing the same amount of weights every time. This advice is practical for both men and women since women's bodies adapt to aerobic resistance more (due in part to their lower testosterone levels) and can lose their fit physiques with stagnated resistance (such as what you get with aerobics training over fixed time frames). Strive to add at least some weight to every session, thereby increasing resistance to your training.

5. Rest well and eat well 

You can't achieve a fit physique if you don't feed and sleep well. Eat a decent amount of carbohydrates with proteins (and fiber) right after your workout will ensure that your body is not starving. This will ensure that your body not cannibalize on its own muscle tissue for proteins. Ensure that you sleep well on the night of your workout, so that the body can repair itself with sufficient growth and other hormonal secretion.

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Dr Seamus Phan is a bestselling book author, accredited journalist, professional speaker, motivator, lifestyle coach, business consultant, workshop facilitator, curriculum developer, and patent-pending biotech researcher. He is the bestselling co-author of "This Body This Life" ( http://www.ThisBodyThisLife.com  ) and "Dot ZEN" among hundreds of articles, ebooks, and previous bestsellers.

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