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6 A's Of Healthy Living

by Beverly Terhune

The 6 A’s of Healthy Living

  1. Acceptance 
  2. Accomplishments 
  3. Attitude
  4. Acidophilus 
  5. Alpha Lipoic Acid 
  6. American Ginseng

Add one or more of these supplements to your daily regimen: Acidophilus/Bifidus, Alpha Lipoic Acid & American Ginseng. See if it does not make a difference in the way you feel and react. Have your doctor take a blood test before and after starting the supplements, about six months apart. If you see an improvement in any area, discuss with your doctor the probability of adding this supplement on a regular basis to insure continued good health.


Many events that occur in life have to be accepted. Your employment ends suddenly, without any warning. Your spouse dies or one of your parents. A very close friend of yours is told that he/she has a fatal illness. True character shows when we have the ability to ‘go with the flow’ and take these changes in stride. This can be done by asking God in your daily prayer what you can do to help another accept their situation. If this is your ’situation’, pay for acceptance and go about carrying out the activities you usually do, perhaps adding resumes and job interviews to the mix instead of your usual work day. However, in the evening, do the same activities, you usually do. Do not be unemployed 24 hours a day. Do not be dying or thinking about another’s illness, your life must continue to be lived. Your well-being depends on it. Seek help of a professional to get you through a death, or extreme change in your life, but do not prolong the process.


Let us list our accomplishments. This can be done yearly. If you have not done one at all, take the time to sit down and write them on paper. Getting degrees and promotions are always good; however being kind and keeping silent about a family matter is a big accomplishment, too. Are your relatives or immediate family members partaking in activities that you do not approve of? An accomplishment would be to let them figure this out on their own. Keep busy going to school, reading informative books and articles, and journaling. Try practicing patience and kindness - this is a full time job. Are you in denial about a health issue? I had foot surgery to correct an arthritic condition. It was long overdue, but I am very pleased with the results. Get regular check-ups, correct problems before they become bigger issues.


Develop an ‘Attitude of Gratitude.’ Realize that, in most life issues, we cannot do anything about them. Look for the things you have in life and be grateful for them. When someone is gloomy and negative - try to get away from him or her. Do not ‘hang’ with negative people - this will wear off on you. Stay focused and around positive people. Stick with the winners! Sing in the shower – walk in the rain – laugh at peoples jokes – and do not take your self so seriously!



• Cholesterol reduction

•Inhibition of undesirable bacteria

•Improved lactose intolerance

•Reduced carcinogen production

•Inhibits infection

•Improves immune response

Anti-Oxidants • Alpha Lipoic Acid


Fights free radicals Regenerates other antioxidants Beneficial to arrest Alzheimer's disease Aids In Prevention of Parkinson's, arthritis & cancer Helps maintain blood sugar levels Both fat and water soluble Increases glucose uptake in the cells Can reverse the damage of aging Lowers oxidative damage Improves mitochondrial function American Ginseng - Benefits

•Protects the body and nervous system from stress

• Stimulates and increases metabolic function

• Increases physical & mental efficiency by improving circulation

• Lowers blood pressure and glucose levels

• Increases gastrointestinal movement and tone

• Increases iron metabolism

• Causes changes in RNA synthesis (towards balance)

As with any vitamin or supplement, please consult your doctor before taking.

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Generating Positive Energy
Make creating positives your new feel-good habit! Positive self-talk nourishes not only your emotional and psychological health but also your physical health and well-being via the body-mind connection.

Author Beverly Terhune speaks from 35 years of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and shares her experience, strength & hope on how to lead a healthy, substance-free life.

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