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Styrofoam Cup Diet
by Glenda Ball

1. Use a cup to hold each meal and snack on your Styrofoam Cup Diet days - ONE cup full. (Suggestion: Diet every other day. The portion control exerted by the cup will also help you on your non-diet days in your meal selections.)

2. Make healthy food choices. Avoid fast foods. Avoid preservatives and other chemicals when possible. Eat a variety of foods.

3. Slow down! Pause between bites. If you are spiritual, "bless" each bite. Breathe between bites. Chew!

4. Eat something about every 2 or 3 hours. Ideally, this will be breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Fit this plan into your daily schedule. Try to stop eating early in the evening.

5. Drink at least eight styrofoam cups of water during the day. I like to try every hour on the hour. The cup of water is easier to remember and to actually drink that those great big glasses and bottles of water. You may also drink coffee and tea.

A sample day's diet:

breakfast - oatmeal; snack - soup; lunch - chicken or tuna salad; snack - mixed greens and veggies salad with low-fat dressing; dinner - a cooked vegetable; snack - yogurt with fruit.

The real secret to the diet is to eat much smaller meals than you are accustomed to. Your stomach isn't a big ole plastic bag in your tummy; it's a living organ that's about the size of a small cantaloupe. Quit stuffing it full!

Also, as with any diet, please consult a physician for any long-term diet plans, and consider taking a daily multivitamin.


In loving memory of my Dad, John Hayden Lingle, who used a small tin can to eat and drink out of during his experience as a WWII POW.

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Glenda Ball holds a "doctorate" from The University of Hard Knocks, with concentration in being a successful single mom.

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