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by Grandma Geri

It was back in the mid '70's and I was in my late 30's. We were living just outside Calgary, AB. I was reading all kinds of metaphysical books as well as doing various recreational drugs, marijauna and hashish mainly. However, one night some friends and I dropped acid. It may have been the combination of the high test stuff I was reading or just the acid alone, but sometime in the middle of the night, I lifted off. I freaked out so badly, a psychic lady friend my desperate husband took me to, could see the energy streaming out of my head up to about 20 feet.

At any rate, I didn't come down. I was 5 days hallucinating, convulsing, ranting and raving and wandering around at all hours of the day and night. Fortunately, we lived in the country so the neighbors didn't call the police. However, he had hell's own time with me and called my grown daughters to come and stay with me some of the time so that he could get some rest and also get some work done. We ran a boarding ranch in the foothills of Alberta at the time. It was winter so there weren't a lot of people around, which was another blessing.

At the end of 5 days he finally took me into Foothills hospital where they admitted me and then sedated me heavily. Actually, he had taken me into emergency once before that and they had given me something to supposedly bring me down but it didn't work. I have patches of memory of these different things but most of it is gone. While being admitted, I became violent when they wanted to take a blood sample. (In my heightened state, they looked like vampires to me. There was no way they were going to get my blood) I'm pretty tall and I was very strong back then. It took a number of male nurses to hold me down and get a straight jacket on me.

Several days later, the doctors had a meeting with my husband and told him that he may as well forget about me, as people that were as bad as I was, rarely recovered. He kept visiting me and whenever I was coherent enough, I would phone him at all hours of the day and night and beg him to come and get me out of there.  One day, after about a week of incarceration in the psychiatric wing with no improvement, he started to rub my head as I kept moaning in pain and saying my head hurt. As he rubbed my head, I slowly became rational. That's when he made up his mind to take me home. He went to the nurses and told them not to give me anymore sedatives and he went off to find a doctor and get my clothes. The doctors got very excited and told him I was dangerous, I should be left right where I was, etc. While he was away talking to them, I got anxious, got out of bed and went to the door to see if I could see him. The nurses saw me, grabbed their hypodermics and came and pounced on me. When he came back, there I was, a drooling idiot again. He was furious and went back to the doctors and demanded my clothes, got me dressed and took me home.

The next day he took me to our chiropractor who could do nothing but he recommended he take me to a Chinese herbalist who had a shop on Center St. 

He told the little man what the problem was and the little fellow said, "No problem." and he started taking bottles down off his shelves. "I give you some o' this an' some of this an' some o' this" and then he broke open an ampoule of liquid ginseng right there and had me drink it.

I shall never forget how it felt. Prior to this, I had been getting rid of the doctor's pills as fast as they gave them to me. They all tasted like poison to me and unless they stood over me and forced me to swallow them, I would spit them out and hide them. The ginseng tasted wonderful and when it hit my stomach, it spread like a warm fire through my body.

We took our bag of Chinese goodies which consisted of several different kinds of liquid ginseng plus a royal jelly concoction and went home. 

In one week, I was totally healed. My mind was clear, I had total recall and although I was weak, I was completely well. We went shopping for groceries and as luck would have it, we met the head psychiatrist from the Foothills hospital right there in the Co-Op. I recognized him and walked up and reacquainted us. He looked like he was seeing a ghost. I told him what we had done and and how I was so quickly healed and he just stared at me, mumbled something and fled. I phoned the hospital and tried to get an interview and share what we had learned and they would have none of it. Don't you just love entrenched 'professionalism'?

I have loved ginseng ever since. I don't use it nearly enough but I recommend it all the time for many things pertaining to mental conditions and once in awhile, someone takes me up on it and receives the aid they're looking for. 

Notes from the Medical Staff:

The medical staff, who are the perennial skeptics, were not willing to admit this one. Well, what grandma had been undergoing was what they call a drug induced psychosis which runs its course with time. So, according to them, she would have benefited from the timing.

If you ask Chinese people, who consider ginseng as one of the panacea, they will tell you emphatically that ginseng was what did it. Well, whichever camp you belong to, this is an incredible story and we thank grandma for sharing it with us all.

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