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Successful Potty Training for the New born

by Gramma Geri

I know potty training for a new born sounds absurd, even abusive maybe, but it isn't.  My Scottish mother-in-law did it. It was common knowledge back then in the early  1900's among the rural women. She had her first child about 1925 thereabouts. So  this is how she went about it. 

It is actually cooperation between mother and infant. How do we know when we have to  urinate or have a bowel movement? We can feel its onset, right? Furthermore, when  one is observing an infant, there are always signs; body language, if you will. They  look like they're concentrating, they hold their breath, maybe scowl a bit. 

Now we must remember my mother-in-law lived a much quieter life than we live today.  She also had a natural, at-home delivery by midwife and the doctor actually came to  her home. (Imagine that!) She would have bonded completely with her infant. She  could 'feel' that child's every movement, whether it was in her lap or lying in its  bed. Furthermore, common sense told her that the usual time for a bodily function  was either during or after feeding. She would be watching for it. 

At the first sign of the babe needing to pee or poop, she would whip down its diaper  and put its little bottom on the potty she kept handy. It didn't take very long  before the baby was cooperating with her by holding on till it felt the potty beneath  its derriere. By 6 weeks that baby would announce its need and wait till she got the  potty set. She didn't need to wash another diaper. It was so simple and so humane.

Nowadays we have 4 and 5 year olds running around in diapers. What are we thinking  of?!! That poor kid has to sit in its pee and poop, for hours sometimes, till  someone gets around to changing it.

Think about it. Would you like to sit in your excrement several times a day for even  15 minutes? All it takes is a little thought, lots of observation and working with  the infant who is, after all, an intelligent being, albeit in an undeveloped state. 

I sure would like to hear back from anyone who tries this and makes it work. It  could make a huge difference to the next generation of babies and a huge difference  to the landfills. 

God bless you all,
Gramma Geri

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