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Tips for Painless Childbirth

by Grandma Geri

Hi Lynn:

My first two deliveries were horrific, right out of a torture dungeon. 

I was not even 18 for the first one. I was strong and healthy. There shouldn't have been any  trouble whatsoever for me. However, there wasn't the information out then (50 years ago) that  there is now and I was dismally ignorant and scared silly. The illustrious Doctor was an  ego-tripper who indulged his illustrious status at my expense. Instead of encouraging me to  learn and work my way through it, he gave me a spinal, used forceps and force to bring my first  son into the world while I lay senseless. the labor prior to spinal was long and intense with  extremely strong, painful contractions. My poor little boy was black and blue around the head  and was 6 months old before he could properly support his own head. Plus, I wasn't allowed to  see him for at least 18 hours, resulting in no bonding. It was a horror story and resulted in a  life time of struggle for him. (Another story) 

My second child wasn't much better. Long, painful labor and eventually ether this time, then  violent retching for me, insensibility for my daughter and no bonding again. 

3 years later, my 3rd child and I was exhibiting signs of calcium deprivation: muscle cramps and  warts on my hands. My doctor, a different one this time, suggested I take a calcium supplement.  I started taking Calcium lactate that I got from the local drugstore. Because my muscle cramps  didn't abate nor the warts disappear, I upped my dosage until I was carrying around a pocket full  of the little dickens and eating them like candy. 

Labor day came and with it a surge of energy. As I was scrubbing the floor, my water broke so I  got organized and went off to hospital. In those days they used to shave our pubic hair as  preparation, of all the silly things. Anyway, there I was tucked up in a hospital bed, sitting  on the bed pan awaiting the nurse and her little barber shop kit. I could feel contractions but  they were in no way intense or painful, just a heavy feeling at intervals. Suddenly I felt  something give and, wondering what was going on, felt down to examine my genitals. Imagine my  astonishment when I felt the baby's head crowning! I had had NO PAIN, the delivery was  proceeding with complete ease. I called the nurse, told her what was going on, she didn't  believe me, checked on it herself, freaked out, ran for a stretcher while others called the  doctor. My 2nd daughter was delivered shortly after with complete ease and the doctor got there  just in time to catch her. 

It took me awhile to figure out why. I thought it was because they had left me sitting up. That  probably improved the speed but it sure didn't make any difference to the pain because I did nag  the doctor into letting me sit up for my fourth child and that delivery was just as painful as  deliveries 1 and 2. It was the calcium I had taken in such copious quantities that had made the  difference and maybe the type of calcium. 

I have since suggested this to others but nobody seems to take me up on it. Instead they grind  away in the drama and many have ended up with c-sections and it's a blasted waste. 

Incidentally, my daughter born that 3rd time, has beautiful long strong hair, an excellent  jawline and excellent teeth. All my other kids jawlines weren't large enough for their teeth,  resulting in crooked teeth. 

So there you have it. I hope lots of women heed this information and go on to have painless,  joyful, fulfilling pregnancies and deliveries. 

Happy healthy babies to you, ladies and God bless, 

Gramma Geri.

Note from our Medical Staff:

The readers are cautioned against using too much calcium as it can result in hypercalcemia. The position assumed by the person, the size of the baby, the position of the baby, etc. also may had something to do with what Grandma Gerry experienced in her third delivery. At present the women are positioned for the "perfect" childbirth; and there are water baths etc. to make it easier on the women. We thank grandma Geri for her insightfulness and sharing this information with our readers.

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