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Have a Happy Holidays with Your Partner
By FeatureSource Staff

(FeatureSource) The holiday season is often stressful. Spending time with family, entertaining guests and shopping for just the right gift can make you tense. But the holidays are an opportunity for your relationship to grow if you approach this time with the right attitude.

“A great relationship takes more than just love. It takes real effort,” says Liya Lev Oertel, author of “Couple Care” (Meadowbrook Press). “If you and your partner work together on the little things, like chores around the house, the big things will be much easier.”

Here are some helpful tips that Oertel offers in “Couple Care” that may be useful for you and your partner while preparing for the holidays:
bulletWhen faced with a choice between making yourself or your partner look good, choose your partner. Kindness is always better than selfishness.
bulletTouch each other lovingly just to make contact.
bulletRespect and honor your parents, but don’t let them come between you and your partner. Stick together and defend each other.
bulletTell others how wonderful and special your partner is — in your partner’s presence. Words of praise are more flattering when they’re said in front of other people.
bulletDon’t help with the housework and kids; rather, share the daily chores. Your home, children, pets and so on are joint responsibilities.
bulletNever criticize each other in public. It humiliates both of you and makes others uncomfortable.
bulletExpect the best from each other. High (yet realistic) expectations tend to yield relationships full of respect and love.

Oertel also reminds couples that not every decision has to be made together. “To save time and energy, decide what major issues require both of your input, and leave minor concerns to your own discretion,” Oertel says.

Oertel’s book, “Couple Care,” has 150 gems of insightful advice to strengthen couples’ relationships. The book features real-life anecdotes from happy couples who wish to share their experiences and wisdom with others. “Couple Care” is available in bookstores everywhere.

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