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Twenty Ways To Being Happy 

By Kathleen Whitmer 

  1. Believe there is calmness at the center of all of us. 
  2. Know that the mind is peaceful until made to be otherwise. 
  3. Believe you have the right to be happy. 
  4. Realize that every feeling you have is preceded by a thought. 
  5. Be aware of the bewildering array of ego pursuits that surround us. 
  6. Work to be around positive people. 
  7. Know that you were created to be content.
  8. Know that nothing has to go right for you to be at peace. 
  9. Remember that there are no permanent mistakes. 
  10. Take others as they are. Help when a way to help is clear. See innocence in mistakes. 
  11. Remember that haste makes unhappiness. Give yourself more time to do things. 
  12. Start identifying people and places that cause unhappiness. 
  13. Avoid working to defeat people who disagree with you. 
  14. Forgive. Know that to forgive you need do nothing, it is an act of the heart, not the body. Let go, give up, cease to harbor. 
  15. Know that when any judgmental train of thought ends, the damage it caused to the mind ends with it. 
  16. Try to look upon the world the way we allow ourselves to look at a child.
  17. Work to enjoy the present. 
  18. Realize that everyone has the key to being content but few use it. The key is our undeveloped mental focus. 
  19. Avoid the world motto "do little and expect much". Trade it in for "work hard but expect very little". 
  20. Remember that a gentle vision makes a more gentle world. 

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