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TGN - God is Powerful - E=MCsquared
By Ron McCluskey

On August 6, 1945 the world became aware of the awesome energy stored in each atom. On that date, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The result was complete devastation of the city.

Amazingly, this incredible destruction of produced by the energy contained in less than a gram of matter. During the explosion, about 670 grams of Uranium 235 underwent a fission reaction. About 0.1 percent of that was converted directly into energy.

When you think about it, in order to make a gram of matter, God had to put the same amount of energy into it that came out of it.

The sun converts about 4 million tons of matter directly into energy every second through the process of fusion. No wonder it puts out so much heat!

In 1996 the Hubble telescope was focused on a minute patch of sky. The magnification was so high that in order to cover the whole sky would take another 27 million patches that size. In that tiny patch of sky over 3000 galaxies were found. Multiply 27 million by 3000 and you get an idea of how many galaxies are really out there!

The Milky Way Galaxy, that we are a part of, has about 200 billion stars (200 thousand million!). The Milky Way is an average Galaxy. So, you can multiply the number you got in the last paragraph to get a fair estimate of the number of stars that are close enough for us to see. Who knows how many are beyond our vision.

And yet the Bible says that the Heavens were made "By the word of the Lord". Imagine that!

When you speak a word do you get exhausted? Do you even think about expending any energy at all? Or is it effortless? To think that we serve a God who could speak the entire universe into existence without even getting short of breath is impossible to comprehend.

Couple that power with the gentle personal and sacrificial love that He gives each one of us and that should really blow your mind!

Until next time, May God Bless!

copyright 2003 Ron McCluskey

Ron McCluskey has been publishing online content since 1985 when he ran a BBS on an old Apple IIe and a 300 baud modem. He is now helping new marketers get up and running as well as keeping the rest on the cutting edge. Ron McCluskey http://www.trackinggod.com

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