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A Summer of Personal Growth
By Joann Javons

Summer brings a lighter, easier way of living, different from the usual pace the rest of the year. Summer brings an invitation to experiment, to try different things. Take advantage of this lighter, easier way by making this summer your summer of personal growth.

High achievers make 12 months of every year important for personal growth. They know that constant improvement is essential to their success in life. Even with other commitments and responsibilities, high achievers are committed to learning all the time.

Popular motivational speakers like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley talk about the importance of self-development and continuous education. They live it, breathe it, teach it. Stephen Covey built into the Franklin Covey day planner a section just for this.

Make A Commitment

What would happen if you made a commitment to your self-development for the next 3 months? Make it an intentional focus that has 100% clarity for you.

It doesn't matter which skills and knowledge you want to develop. Maybe it's your ability to be a better parent by listening to your kids fully and completely; or your skills in financial investment for your future; or your ability to improve your self-care, diet, and exercise; or your skills in sailing. It doesn't matter what you decide except that it should be important to you.

Make A 30 Day Plan

How to get started, you're wondering? It's easy if you take it in bite-size pieces. You can do any of these things to promote your self-development:

Read 1 book each month

Take a teleclass

Take an email course

Read some of the books you've downloaded

Listen to audiotapes

Take 1 weekend workshop

Join a weekly group

Read articles

Attend an online conference

Talk to experts, ask questions

Interview people who are doing what you want to do

List your learning actions in your June 30 Day Plan and then schedule them on your calendar for June. At the end of June, evaluate your personal growth actions for that month and make your July 30 Day Plan. At the end of July, evaluate your personal growth actions for that month, and make your August 30 Day Plan.

You're taking it just one month at a time but you will accomplish the self-development during the summer that you set out to do. Your life will be different. Who knows? Maybe you'll continue it year-round, just like the high achievers do.

Joann Javons is a consultant and coach with a passion for helping people be all they can be. She is the owner of http://www.AttractClients.com, http://www.private-practice-marketing.com, and http://www.peoplepoems.com

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