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Accepting the Truth
by Elise Lin

Love is Power, Happiness, Peace, Joy, Truth, Abundance and Faith. Love is the answer to all.

In this moment, as I speak these words, I feel love. And I allow the feeling of Love radiating from my heart, flowing through out my entire body, healing every cell and every atom. I connect my mind with my heart and my soul with my physical being.

As I connect with the Divine Love, I see truth in my every opportunity. This truth is constantly presenting beautiful aspects of me to remind me that I am whole and perfect. I accept my uniqueness and I know that I am important. I am bold to express my truth and allow others to share theirs. I honor the God within me as I respect the God within others. I recognize that I AM the co-creator of my life. I AM powerful. I AM loving. I AM creative. I do exactly what I need to do moment to moment. I AM successful at my endeavors and I am constantly overflows with abundance. This is my truth. I allow it to be so and I dare to carry it out.

I give great thanks in knowing my expression of the Oneness. I see the truth in me as I serve others and bring joy to people’s life. I see the truth in the Oneness as people come together to share their good. Love is in the air! And so it is!

Elise Lin is a successful Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Her professional expertise and personal experiences will help you get unstuck with unpleasant dull life situations, rid of limiting beliefs doubts and move forward to experience new possibilities.  Elise's personal motto is 'Live your life with passion by going back to simplicity and authenticity'. http://www.eliselin.org

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