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Book Review By Seena Mathew

Healthy Child, Whole Child 
by Stuart H. Ditchek, M.D., and Russell H. Greenfield, M.D.

In today's fast paced, modernized world, many parents still believe that traditional healing methods may be the most effective for their children. Instead of treating a child's cold or flu with medication, parents search for ways to learn how to use the body's innate healing capability to ward off common maladies. Drs. Ditchek and Greenfield, open-minded but conventionally trained physicians, provide the answers to many common questions as well as providing revolutionary approaches to childcare.

Honoring the art and science of healing, Healthy Child, Whole Child shows parents how to optimize their child's natural healing potential and implement proven treatments for common childhood ailments from colds, sore throats, allergies and colic to headaches, asthma, and ADHD. Most importantly, all treatments are remedies that the authors would or have used on their own children. Examples given throughout the book of activities and treatments that the authors used on their own children and the children's reactions to the methods, put the reader at ease knowing that not only a doctor, but a father would use these techniques.

In the book, Drs. Ditchek and Greenfield explain that "[integrative medicine] describes a model of healing that focuses on health rather than on disease, in which doctor and patient work in partnership, employing both conventional and less-established therapies to support the natural capacity for healing we all possess. Ideally, integrative medical care promotes well-being by addressing the mind, body, and spirit in a way that is effective, reasonably priced, and free of adverse side effects."

Healthy Child, Whole Child is not only an educational instrument for any expectant parents, it is brilliantly written in vernacular, making it easy to comprehend and appreciate. Written more in the style of a textbook than a novel, the tables, charts, and figures make concise points easy to remember. Also the content is organized in a manner that makes it effortless for the parent pressed for time to flip and find exactly what he is looking for.

Some features that the book provide are:

  • The 6 myths (and one true statement) about vaccinations.
  • The 10 powerhouse foods for kids
  • The 7 questions you need to ask to find out if your child is overweight
  • The 2 fun tricks to get your kids to wash their hands
  • The 16 herbs that are safe and effective for children
  • How to get more integrative care from your current pediatrician

The wonderful aspect of Healthy Child, Whole Child is that many of the techniques can be used and incorporated for adults as well. An educational tool and a pleasure to read, Drs. Ditchek and Greenfield, will transform what you think healthy is. I would recommend this book to any expectant or current parents; Healthy Child, Whole Child provides traditional methods for modern times, allowing our children to be healthy and whole in their futures.

Order the book from Amazon.com

Seena Mathew is a senior at Kenyon College majoring in Neuroscience.

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