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Bush, My Father, and The Mad Dog
By Arnold Alderite

I could remember pretty well. When I was still a kid, my father used to hunt down mad dogs that went astray. He told me that if a dog would not wag its tail, and very silent, while the other canines would not go near it and howl, the most likely the dog has gone mad.

One day, as my sisters and I were playing outside our house, a dog came to approach us. It showed the signs my father told me. My father, seeing the dog, immediately recognized it to have gone crazy. He initially hesitated from killing it. His very close friend, who also happened to be our neighbor, owned the dog. His friend might get angry with him. I also pitied the dog's condition. I doubted whether it was really mad, and asked why my father had to kill it. Fortunately, it took my father seconds to finally decide to kill the dog before it could manage to come much closer and bite me. My father, the hero, was right.

Now, when I see Bush, I remember my father. Not that there are similarities in their features. It is because they both have the quality of being a good father. My father to his family and Bush to his nation. I did not understand my father first. People do not understand Bush at the moment. Nations criticize him but he stands directed to attack Iraq this time. He believes Iraq is amassing biological and chemical weapons. Like my father who believes that a mad dog infected with rabies is dangerous. The US believes these weapons have been poised at his nation. Bush believes Saddam has something to do with the September 11 attacks. He believes Iraq is like dog gone mad. Like my father who fears the day of losing me, Bush also dreads the day seeing weapons of mass destructions launched by terrorist towards America.

I believe, after the September 11 incident, Bush has come to the resolution that there is indeed the potential threat coming from those regimes that harbor terrorism. My father believes that a mad dog has a potential to bite me at that moment. The US has been pushed to the brink to lay down his cards. My father was pushed to the brink to decide. This time it is not just attacking. It means the survival of the United States, not just the protection of the democratic ideals of the country. It is either "them-or-us" attitude. Like my father, it was the "dog-or-me," or "friendship-or-life."

Now the dog is gone. My father is old. Of course, he lost the friendship of our neighbor for killing his dearest dog. I know Iraq would be gone too. There might be more mad dogs to come. Not just one. Just as there would be more regimes that may potentially harbor terrorism. But at least, I could be proud of my father. For at that fateful day, he made a crucial decision to kill that dog that nearly took my life. I know Americans and the international community would soon realize that one day, Bush too had made that significant decision.

Currently a Monbukagakusho (Japanese government) scholar; about to finish his second masteral degree in International Relations (IR) in Japan. His first masteral degree program was on public administration (MPA) focusing on the area of Social Capital Formation of the Families of Overseas Filipino Workers. His current courses in the International University of Japan (IUJ) prompted him to have a better understanding and perspective on the diverse issues in the field of peace, security, and international relations.

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