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Eat Your Master?
The Differences Between Dogs and Cats

Most of us who had been fortunate having pets know that there is a big difference between dogs and cats. Of course, cats are very important. They do things when they want to do it and not when we want them to do it. Dogs, on the other hand, are very docile and fits the tile, "man's best friend." And women's too.

But the following story I found in Dr. Ted Koren's Newsletter in March, 2002 surprised me. I thought you will enjoy reading it:

"I love learning from the doctors I meet at seminars and sometimes we take bizarre turns. For example, I mention research showing that owning a pet is good for your health and that dog owners are healthier than cat owners. Why? Well, a lot of people think it has to do with the fact that dogs are more emotional but cat people disagree and they start arguments and occasional gun play, but nothing as unusual as this letter:

Hi Dr. Koren:

At your seminar in Vancouver, I told you a paramedic friend of mine said that dogs will stand by and mourn the loss of their owners after they have died while cats will begin eating them. You asked me to find out where he got his information.

I did. It turns out he has seen it first hand. He has seen one dog dead beside its owner because the dog would not leave to eat or drink. He has seen another dog near death in the same circumstances. He has also seen numerous times where the beloved cat has gnawed off ears, fingers and toes, while the person's body was still warm - ie: the person had not been dead that long.

Carl E. Ehresman II, DC"

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