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Egoless functioning
By sundararajan

Here are two points that are worth contemplating about.

Point#1: In my opinion, one of the main reasons for reduced  efficiency in our undertakings (causing stress, high blood pressure, etc.) is the gnawing  fear of reduced success / anticipation of goodies on completion. The  fear & the anticipation originated when we started getting (from the  society from just after our births) reprimands when there is failure  and compliments when things went well. We are born ego-less but the  society, starting with the parents, made us egoists.

Spiritual texts tell us that through Self Enquiry, it can be  realized that in reality we are the pure awareness and not this  body / mind organisms. So, if we have a strong conviction that we  are the pure awareness (this is less clear) or at least stop taking  ourselves to be body / mind organisms (this is relatively more  clear), we will be free from the fear / anticipation factor that  saps our energy and peace. I would like to find out what means  people have used to get that `strong conviction' other than constant reminder of the truth (that we are not the body / mind  organism).

Point#2: In the unrealized state, ego (desire for societal status,  recognition) is the prime driver making us work on projects. In the  realized state also, we will work on projects (& with max. efficiency). In the in-between state, there is a danger of a certain lack of drive.

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