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A Good Idea
Staying Focused on Your Goal
By Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

One of the great challenges in life is to stay focused and not to go madly off in all directions. It makes so much sense, doesn't it? How is it, then, that most people do not find it easy to stay on track with their goals? After all, they chose their goals, so they must be appealing!

There are many answers to it, no doubt. The important thing for today is to find your particular answer to that question. Is it difficult for you to stay focused on your goals? How much prompting does it take for you to abandon what you are doing and do something else? What is it about that "something else" that is so appealing? What is it about your goal that is not appealing enough, perhaps? Big questions.

Avoidance can be a big issue, can't it? Often we call it procrastination, however, it really is avoidance. When there is a task to do, we often find ourselves deciding to clean our desk, make unnecessary phone calls, or, even counting all the staples in that little box just to be sure there really are 1,000. It is often a good idea to take stock when this happens...and I do not mean of those little staples! We want to do things we love to do. We'll even do some very unpleasant things to achieve a desired result...if this were not true, who would undergo cosmetic dentistry or liposuction?

Walt Disney had some good advice. He said, "Get a good idea and stick with it. Dog it, and work at it until it's done and done right." So, the point is, if you are focused on what you REALLY want, you may have to remind yourself that that task that seems unappealing is really your ticket to your dreams. Pay for it!

For today, reaffirm your goals. Make sure they truly reflect what you want. Sit with each of your goals--read it out loud, close your eyes, see how your body reacts to each. Goals that truly light you up and/or contribute to your sense of well-being and peace are the ones to focus on. Keep the others for another time...or release them completely.

(c) Rhoberta Shaler, PhD All rights reserved worldwide.

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, speaks, coaches & conducts seminars for entrepreneurs & professionals who want the motivation, strategies and inspiration to achieve, to lead and to live richly. For free ezines, products, teleseminars and booking information, visit http://www.OptimizeLifeNow.com today!

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