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Healing of the Heart
By Ana Garcia

Have you seen the film “Josuah”? “Another film?" You may say…

Well, Spirit does have a way to give its messages to us in the way we will be paying attention and I find films inspiring (watch out where you place your attention; there may be a message for you!).

Films also help me focus “out of the self” and they create a space for a meditative state and for "hearing": I feel the messages and emotions reaching right through to my heart. Somehow this brings a catharsis and a balance of energy within, which I find truly relieve accumulated tension.

Josuah is a guy who arrives at a town and starts connecting with the people there by sharing the things they do. They discover their things in common and a feeling of community is created. These people realize that to live together is not the same thing as to have a community.

Josuah teaches others by example and claims nothing for the things that are achieved. The people see through him and love him because they feel his love and acceptance, which really is all there is...

So I start looking at the next stepping stones in the building of my coaching practice and realize how tough I am being on myself:

I decide how many clients I want by when. Then I calculate how much money I will be making. I work out what actions I will take and decide I certainly MUST call so many clients (do you know any more “pleasurable” way to connect with people than through cold-calling) all the way saying to myself "the beginning is HARD and I MUST do it this way.

I convince myself that I SHOULD do it because THERE IS NOT OTHER WAY to make my first few clients, to start the ball rolling, to create a referral system to kick in by its own accord. But I first need to gather momentum before the business takes a life of its own…

Suddenly I can see that I am so tight in my chest and worrying so much about what my EGO thinks I should do, that I am not leaving room for my SOUL to whisper to me what to do next.

Perhaps we feel we need to follow unusual or unexpected steps? Well; I am afraid this is the way the soul works because it has a much higher perspective of what is to come and how things are going to come together down the road than our EGO, who depends on our physical eyes and ears for its foresight. Add to it the colored glasses through which we look at the world and our permanent ear-plugs, and our vision becomes a mere dot in front of us.

I pick up my animal card for the day and I get "Rose Breasted Grosbeak” which stands for “Healing of the Heart" and guess what, this is exactly what happens: an insight, an inspiration, a realization... the knowingness that I need to trust and stop worrying.

Nothing is going to happen exactly how I expect it, yet everything is going to happen exactly as I wish for. If only I allow myself not just to ACCEPT my present as perfect (after all, I pre-sent it to myself as a gift to learn the exact lesson I need at this moment!) but to EMBRACE it.

Difficult? Amazing? All of this and much more.

All of a sudden a kind of inner calm has taken over me and I can't stop smiling. My worries yesterday seem nothing today because I know that Spirit will guide me at the right time to take the right steps, because I know that when I am ready "the Universe will PROMOTE me automatically without having to even ask for it", because I know that I can't continue PUSHING for everything I want, expending my valuable energy fighting and struggling. I need a new way of doing things: BECOME IRRESISTIBLY ATTRACTIVE.

I have known this for such a long time, but I had to get ill for a whole weekend (you guessed, I was pushing myself too hard so I got a throat infection), a wonderful way from my body to tell me to rest, take time off, meditate, relax and allow the inspiration in.

This in turn brought the "healing of the heart", the understanding that I needed to surrender yet one more level in order to understand that the only way to become irresistibly attractive is to shift myself into a "needless" level of consciousness where I trust the Universe to teach me to trust myself - when I am ready, the very same things I am longing for will simply come to me.

I know that ultimately the Earth needs us as much as we need the Earth. The planet needs our gifts to heal it the same way that we need to share these gifts if they are to grow and multiply. But there is an OPTIMUM way (divine timing?) which will make everyone benefit from a plentiful harvest if we trust, wait, work, persist, endure, listen and follow.

Only then can we inspire trust, help others along the path, teach through example, show patience and compassion, support them when they are low.

Only then can we speak our truth and coach others from the heart. The only way there is.

Simple, isn't it?

Ana is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach and works with Native American based Animal Medicine Cards for guidance and focus. She will help you draw out your inner wisdom so that you can tackle life challenges in a practical and inspiring way. http://www.lifepathcoaching.net

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