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Your Heart is Your Center
By Mary Jo Marchionni, CCCC

I have been paying a lot of attention to my heart lately. In The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human, Toni Sar’h Petrinovich explains that the heart is the real center of the Universe we call “the body.” Our bodies can exist “brain dead” but they cannot exist “heart dead.” The heart beats in the fetus before the brain is even formed; it initiates the beating itself. Essentially, the heart does not need the brain to function; it even has its own nervous system!

Petrinovich gives further information on studies of the heart showing that negative emotion throws the system off balance; the rhythms of the heart appear to be jagged. Positive emotions create smooth, flowing, harmonious rhythms that directly affect the rest of the body’s systems. What does this mean in terms of our lives? It means that trying to stay in our hearts, rather than our heads, is the gateway to mental, spiritual, emotional peace!

How do we do this when we have so many things going on – the screaming kid, the difficult boss, and the problem employee? Breathing and getting your energy grounded and centered is a great way to begin. Put your hand over your heart and take a few slow, deep breaths - really feel yourself becoming grounded in the Now moment. Visualize roots coming out of your feet and holding you steady so you don’t float away in negativity.

Another trick I use is to have something in my spiritual toolbox that will allow me to go into that space of love, joy and acceptance when I feel I am having a disturbing moment come up. I usually think of my husband and my dog playing in the back yard and that always gets me right into the loving space. You can use anything you can think of that will inspire you to think of joy – if you love Godiva chocolate, think Godiva chocolate! If you love puppies, think puppies!

When we live from our hearts we are living in the land of no agendas, non-reactivity, total peace, and acceptance. When we extend compassion to another, we feel alive and full of the realization that we are all One. We relax and we release tension. We experience joy.

Mary Jo is a spiritually-based career and personal coach whose specialties include career redesign, practical spirituality and life balance. She is passionate about assisting people in uncovering their true passion and helping them to achieve their dreams! Visit her website at http://www.coachmaryjo.com

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