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In the Hands of Your Master Consciousness
by Rebecca Skeele

It is said that while sculpting David, Michelangelo chipped away everything that 'wasn't David.' Something in the slab of marble that was to become David illuminated a form so vividly that with each chisel stroke, the master sculptor was able to bring it into expression.

In collaborating closely with your divine nature you, like David, become gently molded and fashioned into who you really are.

Some people undergoing this sculpting process feel as if unseen hands are lovingly peeling away defenses that no longer serve them. Others remark that they are no longer preoccupied with the struggle of their soul to extricate itself from beneath a heavy boulder. A fisherman once told me that when he started following the calls of his heart, 'barnacles' affixed to him decades before began falling away.

Cooperating with this process causes you to light up, lighten up, and begin to see yourself, and in time others, as your are seen - perfect, complete and good. You can feel this happening each time you choose to expand rather than contract, to love rather than fear, and to forgive rather than condemn. All the while, your master consciousness is hard at work, and with every wedge of conditioning it chips away, you come to see this master sculptor as yourself - the spark of the divine within.

Ways to participate fully in the process:

  • Have a conversation with your divinity wherever you feel at ease speaking intimately: outdoors in nature, over a canvas or set of paints, in the bath, by a roaring fire, journaling, in prayer, meditation or contemplation.

  • Let this indwelling source of wisdom know you'd like its help in seeing more clearly and in using your energy more impeccably.

  • Listen closely for guidance, trusting that it may not come immediately. Be open to the unexpected messenger.

  • Give your master consciousness free reign over an aspect of your life, letting go of your urge to control.

  • Check in often - perhaps once a day, for renewal and refocusing your attention and intention.

Be prepare for paradoxes. In seeing more you will know less. Statements of certainty will give way to uncertainty. The more you admit you DON'T know the more that will be revealed.

Ultimately, a high state of cooperation with your divnity requires you to be in the mystery. It's not necessary to know what will happen before you leap, or where the bend in the road leads; you'll find these things out soon enough. Just remain, collaborative, loving, respons-able, and brimming with childlike wonder - for then you will be and see anew from one moment to the next.

Rebecca Skeele, Author, Coach, Counselor
BK: You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving
On-Line Ezine: Make It Heaven both at http://www.youcanmakeitheaven.com
PH: 505 984-1739

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