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Life by Design
Seven Steps to Becoming a Conscious Creator
By Nancy O'Brien

Are you ready to create your life by design? Of course, you say, but just how do I do that? Aren't the circumstances of my life simply the ways things are? How do I influence what my life looks like? Aren't you someone who always says it is important to accept life exactly as it is?

This, of course, is one of the divine paradoxes of the universe. To be at peace, I must accept and embrace the current conditions and circumstances of my life. But that does not mean I lack the power to create an entirely new and different set of circumstances. In truth, I am already creating my life experience moment by moment.

The question is, am I doing this consciously or unconsciously? The difference between living life by design and life by default is in the power of focus and attention. Below are seven steps to becoming a conscious creator. Use them to create your life by design.

Happy Creating!

1. Crate a vision for yourself and your life.

Imagine having a blank canvas on which to paint your perfect life. Then paint that picture in your mind and become intimate with its every detail. Pour out the details in a journal or create a collage. Bring all your senses into this picture. See it, speak it, touch it, hear it and smell it. Spend at least 17 seconds on this image each day.

2. Spend time focusing on your desires.

Once you are aware of your deepest desires, you must keep them alive in your consciousness. You do this simply by paying attention to them. Universal law dictates that we experience whatever we focus upon. Do not let your mind stray to appearances. Keep your attention focused squarely upon your desires.

3. Fuel your desires with intention.

The most effective use of the will is applying it to your mind. Once you are clear what it is you want and are paying attention to it, your next step is to clearly intend its creation. The first step is like starting the car and the second is putting it into gear. Intention is stepping on the gas. Look clearly at your vision and say, "I intend to have this."

4. Believe in your vision.

You cannot draw it to you if you don't believe it can be done. Having faith in yourself as a creator is an important step. It may be necessary to sort through your beliefs to discover your creative patterns. A thorough examination of your thoughts and beliefs may be necessary to bring you to complete faith in yourself as a creator. As you examine your thought patterns who will begin to see how they have shaped every event in your life.

5. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.

There is no creative force more powerful than gratitude. A grateful mind can hold no doubt and a grateful heart is wide open to receive the bounty of the universe. Grateful people see miracles everywhere and opportunity in every apparent challenge.

6. Become intimate with your inner guidance system.

It is important to familiarize yourself with and pay attention to your inner guidance. Your inner guide uses feelings to communicate to you. Your feelings tell you whether you are aligned with your desires or not. If you are feeling good, you are in harmony with your desires. Negative feelings are telling you your thinking is aligned with fear and doubt. It is most important to pay close attention to what you are thinking when you are experiencing negative emotion. Negative feelings indicate you are creating in opposition to your desires.

7. Open your channel to receive.

The final step is to open yourself to the infinite bounty of the universe. We are only ever cut off from this wondrous flow by pinching off the supply ourselves. The flow is ever present. The question is how wide is your tap open? Is it shut off completely or just letting in a trickle? Or perhaps it is wide open and you are reaping the rewards of a conscious, happy life.

Copyright: Nancy O'Brien 2002

Nancy O'Brien is a transformational life coach and certified universal energy healing master who inspires people worldwide to tap their inner genius and live their lives with passion and purpose. For tools to unleash your highest potential visit her at http://www.inneressencecoaching.com/

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