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What if You're God
By Michael D. Pollock

His words echo in my consciousness. Even now - nearly 20 years later.

"You can learn something from every person you encounter in your life."

These were the words spoken by my 9th grade Latin teacher, Mr. Harker. It's unclear why his words have stuck with me all these years. After all, how much wisdom could come from one who spends his days teaching teenagers a dead language they'll never use?

Little did I know then. Thank you Mr. Harker.

"What if she's an angel," asks country music newcomer Tommy Shane Steiner in his poignant, debut song with the same title.

"A little girl on daddy's lap, hiding her disease with a baseball cap. You can turn the channel. Most people do. But what if you were sitting in her daddy's shoes."

"Maybe she's an angel, sent here from Heaven, and she's making certain that you're doing your best to take the time to help one another. Brother are you going to pass that test . . . What if she's an angel."

I remember first hearing the song. It touched something very deep in me. So deep, in fact, I can't find words to adequately describe the feeling that surfaced. It's enough to say a tremendous wave of emotion washed over me, and I began crying without really understanding why.

Nine short months ago much of the world began a struggle to make sense of the events which took place on September 11. Questions still remain, and the healing continues.

I recall the words of Reverend Billy Graham as he spoke at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. on September 14.

"We come together today to affirm our conviction that God cares for us, whatever our ethnic, religious or political background may be.

"The Bible says that He's "the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles."

I also recall my tears, very soon after that speech, at the sight of a vulnerable, mourning people united around the world. Not so much being comforted by God but by one another. Is there really any difference? Perhaps that's how God wants it.

What do make of it all? The words of a high school Latin teacher, a country music song, humanity united in mourning and a Life Coach with a pretty good memory who seems to spend a bit of time crying.

When you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, what's the picture you see?

Let me help you out by making it more personal.

Think about your spouse or ex-spouse with whom you had a fight recently.

Think about your teenage child who seems to be out of control.

Think about your estranged sibling with whom you're constantly at odds.

Think about your parent who offered you a "less than enjoyable" childhood.

Think about the "slow-poke" driver who made you late for work the other day.

Think about your co-worker who makes your work life overly difficult.

Think about the terrorist bomber who strikes at the heart of a nation and your very way of life.

What can you learn from any or all these people in your life? Have they shown up in your life to help you learn some new skill that would actually make your life better should you choose to accept the learning.

What if they're all angels? Sent from Heaven to help guide you along in your journey through life. Or "making certain that we're doing our best to take the time to help one another."

What if they're all simply God. Doing whatever it takes to re-unite a people divided by their own beliefs, boundaries and borders.

What if you're God as well? Not THE one and only God but a divine manifestation of such.

What if?

Would it make a difference when you wake up tomorrow morning?

It's Your Life! Make it Great.

Michael D. Pollock is an Executive Success Coach. He works with business leaders, managers, executives and entrepreneurs to help them make a profound impact on the world while achieving a new level of success and fulfillment in their own lives. You may visit his website at: http://www.michaeldpollock.com.

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