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Your Greatness Begins With The Tiniest of Waves
By Josh Hinds

Everything begins with the smallest of gestures -- I think it's for this very reason that many of us never get around to reaching the points in our life where we'd like to be. The timing just never seems to be right. We never have quite enough money for our undertaking or venture. We convince ourselves that we're not smart enough to go for our master's degree, or go to go back to college... To this I can only say one thing -- HOGWASH!

My friend, the simple fact is that if you wait for "just the right moment" before you undertake any significant venture, you're likely going to be about where you are now -- still waiting. Why is that? Because as most anyone who has gone before you will tell you, there is rarely a "right time" to set out in search of one's destination.

Sure, there are variables that can come into play. For example, if you're dream is of starting a home business, yet you rely on the day to day income that your job provides the last thing you'd want to do is to simply quit that job. However, what's stopping you from starting and working it around your existing career? Then as your business takes off you can choose (or not) to move fully into your business and phase out your old job.

What if it's not a business you want to pursue? What if it's the farthest thing from a business? No problem! The same general rules can be applied to just about any undertaking. Your own creativity and thought's will narrow down the details. Simply taking those first awkward steps can literally set in motion a whole string of events that end up propelling you forward.

Things begin with an idea, but your action, no matter how small it may appear at first -- gives fuel to the fire and eventually determines how successful your outcome. Remember, the biggest of fires starts with the smallest of embers.

While it may be true that you have no control over your beginnings. With enough courage to undertake and learn new sills we can indeed take control of our outcomes. We have no choice as to whether we're born into poverty or wealth, but at least to some extent we can determine if we'll stay there.

This doesn't mean that it won't be one heck of a fight to leave such humble beginnings if that's what we want. However, one need only look at the countless examples of those who started from much humbler beginnings then you and I, yet achieved far greater things then life would have believed possible.

Look at such examples not in awe, but rather from a point of view that you are as capable of greatness as your fellow man or woman. Set out on your path today with the knowing that greatness is within you. The objective is for you to figure out how to best bring it out...

By Josh Hinds

Josh is the founder of http://GetMotivation.com. He also publishes an ezine, "Let's Talk Motivation!" You can sign up for the ezine by visiting his website.

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