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Stop Worrying, Start Choosing
By Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach

Do you take the "ignorance is bliss" strategy in your life?

Many people Sleep-Walk through life, worrying about what might happen, then "letting things happen", instead of actively choosing what they want in their life lives.

The first step to change - any change- must begin with becoming aware of what you are doing.

How? Stop worrying, start choosing.

Conscious Choice/Conscious Living means knowing what you are doing, and making a choice to do that, instead of worrying about, or just letting it happen. Did you just "End Up" in a job you don't like? Did you "End Up" living a hectic, frustrating, tiring lifestyle? Did you "End Up" with too many bills to pay?

Choices come in a lot of colors and shapes in your life. You are making choices each moment of each day. Some people find it difficult to believe that they have free will and are actually designing their lives each and every minute. A famous quote says it well, "The way we live our days is the way we live our lives."

So while on the surface the idea that you are "choosing" to live a certain way (possibly miserably) seems unfair, it is also quite empowering that YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

Think for a moment about just the last 24 hours. You are reading this article as a direct result of your choice to open the email. You are sitting at a computer as a direct result of choosing to check your mail instead of watch TV or eat or sleep or read or go out. You are wearing clothes that you chose to put on. You get the idea.

You may not realize it - or want to admit it - but not only have you made the choices as I just mentioned, but your life AS IT IS TODAY is a direct result of choices you have made, or allowed others to make for you. I'm talking not only about those choices made 10 years ago, but also the choices made 10 minutes ago. You are living somewhere, doing something, and being with someone through choice.

Was it a Conscious Choice?

One of the first arguments I hear when I mention Conscious Choice is "But I didn't choose to have this disease", or "I certainly don't choose to be unhappy". And one of the hardest things to accept is that life isn't always fair. Each one of us was born into a set of circumstances. No one chooses their parents, or what part of the world they will be born into, or even what the economy will be.

Those are all things you cannot control. If you focus on those things, and blame them for your unhappiness, you will forever be stuck. You are choosing each and every minute how you will react to those circumstances. The circumstances cannot dictate your response.

The real problem in your life is not what mistakes you made in the past, or what things happened to you that were out of your control, but what you are choosing - or not choosing -- to do NOW.

Instead of being paralyzed by what has happened in the past or what you might predict will happen in the future, sticking to what you can do now, helps you to understand that you are free to lead an effective life now. You are free to forget the past and blaming others.

And instead spend that time making the choices that are right for you now. .

What will you choose today?

Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach, believes that "Life Rewards Action". Take ACTION today, and visit www.reallifecoach.com or call 480.998.5843

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