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Wisdom Around the World:
Discovering Joy through 14 Love Proverbs

Compiled By Julie Jordan Scott

A Proverb is a well known saying which, when spoken or read, rings with truth, depth and a call to personal application. The Biblical Book "Proverbs" was written by the wisest (and richest!) man in the world, King Solomon, who also wrote one of the most sensual books in the Bible, Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon).

The Proverbs I chose were collected from all over the world and all have "love" as a theme.

As you read through the Proverbs, your challenge is to choose one to use as a framework for pondering, reflection, contemplation, creative journaling, poetry or art.

Allow the message to seep into your veins and find its way towards your heart and back out into your being and then be sent out from you, with your personal thumbprint, to others.

1. One who loves the vase loves also what is inside. 
African Proverb

2. In order to really love someone you must love him as though he was going to die tomorrow. 
Arabian Proverb

3. Where there is love there is no darkness. 
Burundi Proverb from Burundi

4. Love and let the world know, hate in silence. 
Egyptian Proverb

5. When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow. 
Ethiopian Proverb

6. The first love letters are written with the eyes. 
French Proverb

7. An old one who is loved is winter with flowers. 
German Proverb (also attributed as a Portuguese Proverb)

8. The heart that loves is always young. 
Greek Proverb

9. Love is like fog -- there is no mountain on which it does not rest.
Hawaiian Proverb

10. It is love that makes the impossible possible. 
Indian Proverb

11. Love rules without rules. 
Italian Proverb

12. Where there is love, there is peace. 
Myanmar Proverb

13. Love makes labor light. 
Dutch Proverb from Netherlands

14. A heart in love with beauty never grows old. 
Turkish Proverb

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success and Creativity Coach, Radio Host and Speaker who inspires you to Create Heaven on Earth as you decide to Live Your Destiny! Subscribe now to the ezine that will show you how.Visit www.5passions.com now or call Julie directly at 661.325.4116

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