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Yes, you will survive the storm!
by Caroline Jalango

“Things fall apart…the center cannot hold” Chinua Achebe

Perhaps at this point in your life, the above statement temporarily holds true. What a year it has been! The year may have been full of both wonderful surprises and shocking events. In spite of the wonderful blessings that you have had, the events that have unfolded in your life in the last few months have left you stumbling in the dark, unsure of what to do and where to set your feet.

In the span of one year, everything that should not have happened to you has happened. You have been mentally and physically tormented, emotionally battered, and financially drained. Your relationships have suffered and your family life may just be dangling on a delicate string.

All or most of the things that mattered most to you, may have slipped through your fingers as you helplessly watched. To sum it all up, you have had sleepless nights; worry to last a lifetime, stress, anxiety and everything in the book that should be avoided in order to live a healthier and longer life. You have basically encountered your worst nightmare.

Now as a new day dawns, the big question in your mind is: Am I going to survive this? Is it going to get better?

The answer to that question is yes...you will survive the storm!

The following are a few tips to help you survive the storm.

1. Do not cry over spilt milk. There is nothing to be gained by wishing that things had turned out differently. Look forward to the future that lies ahead.

2. Every cloud has a silver lining. It may hurt so badly, but there is always sunshine or a clear blue-sky behind that cloud. It will definitely pass!

3. Everything that has a beginning has an end. There is always a conclusion of the matter and a solution to every problem. It is also evident that every mountain however steep always has a top!

4. Draw strength from within yourself. You have the power to make the situation bearable by summoning your inner power to help you survive your ordeal.

5. Make plans to build a firmer foundation. One man built his house upon the sand and the other built his house upon the rock. Guess whose house was washed away when the storm came?

6. Do not make the same mistake twice. Learn from your calamities. Look for the lesson in your disaster and try to avoid getting the same results by doing things differently.

7. Be a ping-pong ball. Within you there is a tremendous innate ability to be resilient. Get ready to bounce back because you surely will. It’s just a matter of time.

Caroline Jalango is a motivational life coach for unstoppable women who are ready to take charge of their lives, find fulfillment, resolve issues, take action and achieve their dreams. http://www.motivationzone.com

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