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Keep Peace In Your Heart
By Selena Richardson

Now is not the time for fear or for anger. That is not what this world needs right now. Our world needs an outpouring of peace. We need to keep peace in our hearts and faith that the peace within will spread to those around us.

I remember reading somewhere that we will never have peace on earth, that as long as we protest war and violence we will continue to have more of the same. That struck me as odd. I thought that in order to get the message of peace across we had to raise our voices in protest. But now I see why that isn't working.

When we are out demonstrating and having protest marches for peace we are at war ourselves. And we already know that war can not and does not bring about peace. We've been doing it all wrong. We've been doing the exact same thing as those we've been protesting. We can't win that way, not by exchanging one form of ammunition for another.

We can't force our beliefs and viewpoints on others, even when it involves global conflicts. Until we realize that we've been doing this backwards then we don't stand a chance of having peace on Earth.

Yes, it is good that this is the first time a war has been protested before it has even begun. But it hasn't solved anything because we're still headed on the same course, which is unfortunately leading us to war. It does show that humanity as a whole is evolving into a new way of thinking, a new way of doing things. But unfortunately, we're not there yet - we're close though. Hopefully when this is all over we will all get it. Hopefully this will be the last time we have to go through something like this as an international community.

But we can't go around forcing our viewpoints on others. Why? Because others believe that they are right. Just as we believe we are right in our positions. And as long as we keep this mind set that someone has to be right and someone else has to be wrong then we're going to have conflicts.

There is no right or wrong. So we need to drop those words out of our vocabulary. We each create our own reality. What's right for one person, someone else will view as wrong. We have to learn how to tolerate the actions of others and stop applying labels and judgments on what we don't like. Just because we have our own set of beliefs doesn't mean that it's superior to others or is the only way of doing things. We may or may not like what our world leaders are doing right now but they are doing what they believe is right.

We're going to have to keep peace in our hearts. We have to keep hope alive that this will work out for the best for all involved. And we have to pray that our world leaders make the best decisions.

We can't force them to do what we feel is right. The only thing we can do is remember that everything happens for a reason. We may not know what the reason is now but in the future, it will be made clear. So in the meantime, keep peace in your heart and let that peace within you cast out your doubts, anger and fears. Keep your inner peace alive daily and watch it spread around you.

C Copyright 2003

Selena Richardson believes in following your dreams and creating the life you want. To receive more articles like this and a free ebook, visit the site: http://www.creationjourneys.com

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