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How To Keep Flowers Fresh
From Arthur's Home Magazine, 1870

What do you do with those gorgeous bouquet of flowers you got for Valentine's day or mothers day or for that special occasion? Wisdom from granny may help.

When a bouquet is received, sprinkle it lightly with fresh water, and then put it in a vessel containing soapsuds. This will keep the flowers as freshly as if just gathered. Then every morning take the bouquet out of the suds, and lay it sideways-the stock entering first- into clean water; keep it there a minute or two, then take it out and sprinkle the flowers lightly by the hand with water, replace it in the soapsuds, and it will bloom as fresh as when first gathered. The soapsuds need changing every three or four days. By observing these rules, a bouquet may be kept bright and beautiful for at least a month, and will last still longer in a passable state.

To Keep Flowers Fresh

Put a tablespoonful of powdered charcoal into the water which is to receive the flower stalks. The charcoal will settle immediately in the bottom of the vase, and the water will remain liquid. This done, it is not necessary to renew the water or the charcoal for several days. The flowers will keep their freshness and their perfume, and will look and smell as fine as those just brought in from the garden.

Restoring Wilted Flowers 

Cut off about half an inch of the stems from the wilted flowers. Insert the trimmed stalk into boiling water. In a few moments, the flowers will resume almost their original freshness. The process is most applicable to colored flowers such as roses, geraniums, azaleas, etc. White flowers may turn yellow. Thick-petalled flowers show the most marked improvement.

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