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Little Eyes Upon You

Contributed By: Dhanya

(The following poem was sent to Dhanya when her son was born in Christmas 1993. 

It serves as an eye opener to all parents who feel that there is a 
particular age for children to recognize and understand everything and that they only start grasping things when they are " old enough " or the right age - whatever that might be.

The fact remains that the child's formative years revolve around the 
parents who become the child's role model and they should make it a point to patiently instill language, culture, values and morals irrespective of faith and beliefs from a very early age so that it becomes part of the everyday learning process for children. )

Little Eyes Upon You

There are little eyes upon you
That watch you day and night.
There are little ears that quickly take in every word that you say.
There are little hands all eager to do anything you do
And a little child who is dreaming of the day he / she will be like you

You are the little one's idol
The wisest of the wise.
In their little minds no suspicions ever rise about you
They believe in you devoutly
And hold all you say and do
So that he may do the same when he /she is grown up just like you.

There is a wide eyed little one
Who believes you are always right
And his/ her eyes are always open watching you day and night.
You are setting an example everyday in all you do
For the little one who is waiting to grow up to be just like you.

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